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S T E V E   U P T O N

Steve Upton was born in Wrexham, Wales on May 24th 1946, although grew up in Exeter. He began his musical career almost by accident at technical college when some of his classmates said they were forming a band and asked if anyone could play drums. As a joke, Steve boasted that he could play, but later had to admit that he couldn't. As it turned out neither could they! After early attempts on a drum kit made out of toffee tins, members of Steve 's first group - the Scimitars - eventually contributed to the cost of buying him a proper kit.


The Scimitars became fairly popular around the Torquay area. When the band split, Steve joined a blues band the Devarks, who spent several months touring the German club circuit before going their separate ways. A historic meeting with West Country musicians Martin and Glenn Turner at a local cafe led to the formation of the Empty Vessels - the band which evolved into Wishbone Ash.


Although his tight, precise drumming would be a key element of the Wishbone Ash sound, Steve Upton was more than just the drummer in Wishbone Ash. Steve would also take care of the general day to day running of the band - liasing with managers, agents, road crews, promoters, etc - earning himself the title "The Colonel" in the process!


By the eighties Steve had effectively assumed the role of full time band manager and to this day is complimented for his honest and scrupulous approach to business matters.


Summer 1990 saw the departure of Steve Upton from Wishbone Ash. Steve left the music industry and went on to manage Miles Copeland's chateaux in the South of France. 


Steve finally interrupted 22 years out of the public eye when he made a personal appearance at Martin Turner's Garden Party event in August 2012.



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