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January 2010

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash commences its "Life Begins" tour, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the formation of Wishbone Ash.


May 2010

Universal releases "Sometime World - An MCA Travelogue". This 2CD anthology of Wishbone Ash material spanning the classic first decade of the band's career is compiled with involvement from all five of the core 1970s-era personnel.


July 25 2010

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash performs at the inaugral "High Voltage" festival at Victoria Park, London. Ted Turner makes a special guest appearance concluding a performance of the full Argus album that delights the gathered audience of several thousand classic rock fans.


December 2010

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash release "Life Begins" - a DVD recording of the band's Leicester Y Theatre concert recorded filmed in the year. In addition to a 2 hour plus live concert, featuring a complete performance of Argus as well as classic tracks and deeper album cuts spanning the classic era of Wishbone Ash, the DVD contains bonus features incuding rehearsal footage and interviews.


February 2011

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash begins its "Live Dates 2011" tour.


January 2012

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash begins its "No Easy Road - Live Dates 2012" tour.


February 2012

"Live Begins" 2CD set, recorded in Leicester 2010 is released


July 2012

Martin Turner publishes his autobiography. "No Easy Road - My Life and Times with Wishbone Ash and beyond" traces Martin's career from his upbringing in Torquay, through his early bands, the Classic Wishbone Ash years and up to the present day with MTWA. Martin's candid style of storytelling makes this a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the behind the scenes workings of life in an internationally successful rock band.


August 31 2012

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash stages an intimate one-off concert in the grounds of Liscombe Park Studios, Buckinghamshire, before an invited audience of fans and friends. The band plays a special set of live rarities selected with a live CD recording in mind. Memebrs of the classic Wishbone Ash line-ups - Ted Turner, Steve Upton and Laurie Wisefield - attend the show, with Ted and Laurie both performing onstage and Steve Upton making a rare personal appearance. Various members of the Wishbone Ash behind the scenes crew from the classic days of the band also join the celebrations, which attract major media interest.


February 2013

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash begins its "No Easy Road - Live Dates 2013" tour.


June-July 2013

MTWA plays its first dates in North America and Japan. Ted Turner guests at the Japanese dates.


February 2014

Martin Turner and band commence their "Written In The Stars" tour, premiering a set which features brand new material, destined for the band's forthcoming studio album, in addition to classic tracks. 


July 2014-May 2015

Martin Turner's long awaited new studio album "Written in the Stars" is recorded at Liscombe Park Studios


October 2014

"The Garden Party", a double CD collection recorded in front of an invited audience at Liscombe Park Studios on August 31 2012 in released. It features guest appearances from Ted Turner and Laurie Wisefield.


May 2015

Misha Nikolic replaces Ray Hatfield as Martin Turner's guitarist and begins adding additional guitar parts to the upcoming "Written in the Stars" album.


Sept 4 2015

Martin Turner's long awaited new studio album "Written in the Stars" album is released. Featuring all original songs written with his band members and other collaborators, the album gains highly favourable reviews from both fans and critics, many heralding the album as direct continuation of the classic Wishbone Ash legacy. Martin and band tour throughout Autumn 2015 to promote the album.

Feb-March 2016

Martin Turner and his band undertake an extensive UK tour to further promote the "Written in the Stars" album.  The show features the new album performed in full, followed by a set of Wishbone Ash classics.

Feb 26 2016

Martin Turner and band's concert at the Citadel, St. Helens is filmed and recorded for future DVD/CD release.

August 2016

Snapper announce plans to release a 32 set Wishbone Ash CD boxed set covering the period 1970-1991, to include expanded versions of the studio albums released during that period, including bonus tracks and rare material, as well as several full length previously unreleased live recordings. Work begins on researching and compiling material for inclusion.

Oct 2016 - Jan 2017

Martin Turner and band undertake further UK and European touring to promote "Written in the Stars"

April-Dec 2017

Martin Turner and band commence "The Beauty of Chaos" tour with shows across the UK and Europej. The show features select cuts from "Written in the Stars" as well a full performance of "Argus" commemorating the album's 35th anniversary, together with other Wishbone Ash favourites.

March - April 2018

Martin Turner and his band undertake the "Vintage Years" UK tour,, featuring a full performance of Wishbone Ash's classic 1974 album "There's the Rub" together with other classic tracks.

April 6 2018

"The Beauty of Chaos - Live at the Citadel", a 2CD/DVD recording of Martin Turner's February 2016 concert in St.Helens is released, featuring "Written in the Stars" performed in full, plus a selection of Wishbone Ash classics. Aside from containing the full concert, the DVD also features bonus interviews with Martin and his band members, Danny Willson, Tim Brown and Misha Nikolic.


April  2018

The 32CD Wishbone Ash boxed set "The Vintage Years: 1970-1991" is released through Madfish.  Featuring all the officlal live and studio albums from the 1970-1991 timeframe, each remastered and in expanded form with added b-sides, rarities and previously unreleased tracks, together with several previously unreleased live concerts from the 1973-1980 period, mixed from the original master tapes, the lavish boxed set also contains a coffee table book and a plethora of rare memorabilia.

May 21 2018

Laurie Wisefield joins Martin Turner on stage to perform "FUBB", "Living Proof" and "Jailbait" during Martin's concert at the Bull Theatre, Barnet.

Sept-Dec 2018

Martin Turner and his band undertake a second leg of the "Vintage Years" tour, this time including the debut "Wishbone Ash" release as the featured album.

January 11 2019

Snapper release Wishbone Ash "Live at Glasgow Apollo 1977", a previously unreleased recording from the "Front Page News", mixed from original multitrack tapes from Martin Turner's archive.

March 2019

Martin Turner begins celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the formation of the original Wishbone Ash with the first leg of the "Wishbone Gold" tour. This show includes the full "New England" album - the first time any line-up had performed this 1976 classic in its entirety.  


August 30 2019

Wishbone Ash "Live at Rockpalast" is released as a CD/DVD set, filmed and recorded in Cologne on 1.12.76 during the "New England" tour and originally broadcast by Germany network WDR..

Sept - Dec 2019

Martin Turner and his band undertake the second leg of their "Wishbone Gold" tour, this time featuring the classic Wishbone Ash albums "New England" and "Pilgrimage" performed back to back.

March 2020

Martin Turner and band commence the third leg of their "Wishbone Gold" tour, featuring "Pilgrimage" performed in full alongside other Wishbone Ash classics. This tour is interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shows are postponed due the National Lockdown and the enforced closure of music venues. The pandemic keeps the band off the road for most of 2020/21


Summer 2020

While off the road due to Covid-19, Martin Turner and his band members record remotely a new "lockdown" version of the "Wishbone Four" track "Everybody Needs a Friend". A video of the track is posted online and dedicated to the memory of the band's German tour agent Markus Sollner who had recently passed away.

August 21 2020

Martin Turner and his band perform a special one-off socially-distanced concert to a limited audience in the grounds of Trading Boundaries, Fletching.

Nov-Dec 2021

With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions lifted, Martin Turner and his band resume the "Wishbone Gold" / "Pilgrimage" tour which had been curtailed in the Spring of 2020.

Nov 26 2021

Wishbone Ash "Portsmouth 1980" is released by Snapper, featuring a full previously unreleased concert recorded during the "Just Testing" tour and mixed from the original master tapes.

Mar-Dec 2022

Martin Turner and his band undertake the "Back to Back" UK tour featuring classic albums "Wishbone Four" and "Argus" performed in their entirety, the latter marking the album's 50th anniversary.

May 27 2022

Madfish release the vinyl only boxed set "Living Proof: The Live Recordings 1976-1980" featuring several live recordings previously featured on on the "Vintage Years" CD boxed set, making their first appearance on vinyl, in addition to one exclusive previously unreleased recording from Tokyo 1976.

July 2022

Tim Brown makes the personal decision to leave Martin Turner's band to pursue other musical interests. New drummer Sonny Flint joins the band. The "Back to Back" UK tour featuring "Argus" and "Wishbone Four" continues throughout Autumn 2022

Feb 2023

Martin Turner and band commence their "Live Dates 2023" tour celebrating the 50th anniversary of Wishbone Ash's seminal double live album.

April 2023

Madfish release the "Argus" 50th anniversary 7 disc boxed set featuring vinyl and remastered CD versions of the album, together with archive live recordings, demos, and DVD video footage.  

Feb 2024

Martin Turner and band commence their "Live Dates Volume II" tour, featuring a performance of the 1980-released double album, as well as selections from the original 1973 double "Live Dates" album.

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