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January 2001
Helter Skelter in association with Firefly publish the book Blowin Free - 30 Years Of Wishbone Ash, the most in-depth study of the history of Wishbone Ash to date.  Compiled by leading Wishbone Ash archivists Gary Carter and Mark Chatterton, this publication traces the band’s history from its roots in the West of England, through its 1970s commercial peak, right up to the 30th anniversary of the band's formation. Martin Turner, Andy Powell and Laurie Wisefield all contributed brand new interview material. Various other band members and associates past and present also contribute and the book is packed with rare pictures, memorabilia, etc


October 2001
MCA/Universal (UK) issue another Wishbone Ash anthology. Blowin' Free - An Introduction to Wishbone Ash is part of a series of albums, each focussing on one particular artist's back catalogue. As its title implies, the album is obviously designed to give newcomers a taste of the band's back catalogue, focussing on various facets of the band's style - not solely the standards. The album features material from the band's classic 1970-1980 period.


March 2002 
MCA/Universal release the 30th anniversary CD edition of the Argus album, remixed in its entirety by Martin Turner as well as containing additional sleeve notes and bonus tracks from the Live From Memphis promo album.


May 2002
The Blue Bishops album Deep, featuring Martin Turner on bass and production duties, is released. Martin continues to gig with the band sporadically up until the Summer of 2006.


May 5th 2002
A celebration of the 30th anniversary of Argus is held at Worcester Park Tavern in Surrey.  Wishbone Ash fans in attendance witness a performance of the entireArgus album by tribute band Ashbone-u-Wish, as well as a set from the Blue Bishops, featuring Martin Turner.  The highlight for many is the arrival of Martin onstage with Ashbone-u-Wish to perform three Wishbone Ash songs.  Martin also holds a Q&A session, hosted by event organiser Mark Chatterton. 


September 2002
Talking Elephant Records release Tracks, a 2CD collection of mainly previously unreleased Wishbone Ash live material. The album includes many BBC In Concertprogramme recordings. Tracks recorded during the band's classic periods are included alongside selections from Andy Powell's later incarnations.


January/February 2003 
Talking Elephant re-issue the three Wishbone Ash reunion albums - Strange Affair,Here To Hear and Nouveau Calls - complete with revised artwork and bonus tracks.  All three titles are remastered by Martin Turner. 


September 2003 
Talking Elephant Records release Tracks 2. As with the first volume it features live recordings from both the classic Wishbone Ash line-ups and later Andy Powell-led incarnations.


April 2004 
Talking Elephant Records release Lost Pearls, a collection of previously unreleased recordings from the No Smoke Without Fire and Just Testing sessions.  These never before heard songs were discovered amongst a collection of multi-track tapes stored by Andy Powell and were lovingly restored by Martin Turner, who oversaw the production and mixing of these long lost recordings.


October 2004 
Classic Rock Productions release the DVDs Phoenix Rising and Inside Wishbone Ash.  Phoenix Rising features previously unreleased footage from the Mk.1 years as well as later recordings from Andy Powell-led line-ups, while Inside Wishbone Ash is a critical review of the band's career.  A limited edition double disc set including both discs plus a colour booklet is also available.


Autumn 2004
Behind the scenes, Martin Turner begins formulating plans for a new touring band - Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - to perform classic Wishbone Ash music. Martin begins auditioning and rehearsing musicians and appoints new management (Martin Darvill at QEDG) to represent the project.


Summer 2005

Martin Turner announces to his fan base his plans to tour during 2005/06, performing classic Wishbone Ash music with a new band line-up.


September 2005

Martin Turner announces the formation of Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, featuring guitarists Keith Buck and Ray Hatfield and drummer Rob Hewins. The band's blueprint is to faithfully reproduce the classic Wishbone Ash sound as popularised on the much loved recordings from the classic eras of the band.


November/December 2005
Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash makes its live debut with two UK shows in Measham, Derbyshire and Sutton, Surrey (the band had previously played a private dress rehearsal concert at Liscombe Park Studios on 9 October 2005). The performances, which see the band playing a lengthy set that includes songs never played onstage in the past, are met with a highly favourable response from fans, who warmly welcome the founding original member of Wishbone Ash back to the live arena.


February 2006
Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash tour An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music throughout the UK. Original Wishbone Ash guitarist Ted Turner gives the project his seal of approval by joining the band onstage in Birmingham for several songs. Overwhelmingly favourable responses from both fans and music promoters results in further shows being booked for later in 2006. Live recording is undertaken throughout the tour, with a future live album project in mind.


Spring/Summer 2006
Martin Turner mixes live recordings from the “An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music” tour for a live album release from Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, schedules for release later in 2006.


September-December 2006
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash tour the UK and Holland


November 2006 

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash release New Live Dates Volume 1. The album includes Ted Turner's guest appearance from the Birmingham show.


January-June 2007
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash tour the UK


April 2nd 2007
First Light, a CD featuring the earliest known existing recordings of the original Wishbone Ash, is released. Recorded at Advision during the Spring of 1970, these studio recordings were the tapes which helped secure the band's recording contract with Decca/MCA.


August 2007
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash revisit Wishbone Ash's classic album Argus,recreating the band's masterwork in a modern day studio environment.


November/December 2007
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash UK tour. New Live Dates Vol.2 released


November 2007
Universal release the Deluxe edition of Argus - a 2CD set featuring the original album plus a host of bonus live tracks, BBC recordings, etc. The album release results in much media coverage, with Martin Turner handling the bulk of the promotional interviews.


February-July 2008 

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash undertake the first leg of theArgus tour, including shows in the UK, Greece and Holland. The show features theArgus album performed in full, preceeded by a selection of other Wishbone Ash classics. Keith Buck leaves Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and is replaced by Danny Willson.


October/November 2008
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash take part in the 27-date UK theatre tour Classic Legends of Rock, alongside Focus and The Groundhogs.


November 2008
Argus: Through The Looking Glass, Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's recreation of Wishbone Ash's career defining album, is released through Mystic Records. Thealbum features guest appearances from Asia members John Wetton and Geoff Downes.


November 3rd 2008
Martin Turner attends the prestigious Classic Rock Awards in London, where the Deluxe edition of Argus is nominated for "reissue of the year". Other attendees include David Coverdale, Gary Moore, Slash, Jack Bruce, Ronnie Wood and Ozzy Osbourne.


December 2008
Dave Wagstaffe (CV includes work with John Wetton, Ken Hensley, Steve Howe and Oliver Wakeman) replaces Rob Hewins as Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's drummer.


January-September 2009
Due to popular demand, Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash undertake a second leg of the Argus tour, taking in shows in Greece, the UK, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.


September-November 2009
Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash play further Classic Legends of Rock UK theatre shows, as well as further European shows, bringing the Argus Tour project to a close.


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