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Live Dates makes Planet Rock chart of Best Live Albums

MARCH 1 2010

We are pleased to announce that Wishbone Ash's seminal 1973 Live Dates album was voted no. 16 in Planet Rock's listing of the all-time greatest rock live albums.


The placing is quite an achievement, particularly given some of the high-profile competition - Live Dates charts higher than widely acclaimed releases from big names such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rush and the Rolling Stones.


We would like to thank all visitors to this website who took the time to vote in the poll.


The full results are as follows:


1. Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous 

2. Deep Purple - Made In Japan 

3. UFO - Strangers In The Night 

4. The Who - Live At Leeds 

5. AC/DC - If You Want Blood, You Got It 

6. Iron Maiden - Live After Death 

7. Pink Floyd - PULSE 

8. Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive 

9. KISS - Alive 

10. Genesis - Seconds Out 

11. Status Quo - Live! 

12. Yes - Yessongs 

13. Jethro Tull - Bursting Out 

14. Hawkwind - Space Ritual 

15. Cheap Trick - At Budokan 

16. Wishbone Ash - Live Dates 

17. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same 

18. Queen - Live Killers 

19. Rush - All The World's A Stage 

20. Rush - Exit Stage Left 

21. Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From The Road 

22. Motorhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith 

23. Humble Pie - Rockin' The Filmore 

24. Uriah Heep - Live 1973 

25. Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won 

26. Queen - Live at Wembley '86 

27. Asia - Fantasia 

28. Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour '74 

29. Whitesnake - Live in the Heart of the City 

30. Allman Brothers Band - Live at Fillmore East 

31. Slade - Slade Alive 

32. Metallica - S & M 

33. Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya Ya's Out 

34. Free - Live 

35. Rush - Rush In Rio 

36. Thunder - 20 Years And Out: Hammersmith Apollo July 2009 

37. Rainbow - On Stage 

38. Woodstock Soundtrack 

39. David Gilmour - Live in Gdansk 

40. Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East 

Cancer Charity Auction - Update

MARCH 1 2010

We are pleased to announce that the auction for the Leicester bundle closed at midday on 27 February 2010 with a highest bid of £260. 


The lucky winner is Mike Eastwood, who will receive VIP tickets for MTWA's Leicester Y Theatre concert on 13 March 2007 as well as a day in the studio with MTWA on a future date to be arranged, in addition to various items of merchandise, etc.


Meanwhile we are in receipt of a highest bid of £710 for the High Voltage VIP package. Any bids over this amount are welcome.


Let's try to raise as much money as possible for this great cause!


The closing date for the High Voltage bundle is 27 March 2010.


The High Voltage bundle includes VIP tickets to the festival as well as the bonus of time in the studio with MTWA.

Cancer Charity Auction - Last Chance to Bid On Leicester Bundle

FEB 25 2010

Don't miss your FINAL CHANCE to bid on the Leicester auction bundle, as we head towards the final 48 hours of the auction.


Closing will be at 12noon (UK time) on Saturday 27 February 2010. Bids received after this time will NOT be counted.


We are pleased to say, we are now in receipt of a highest bid £200 for the Leicester bundle. If you wish to make a higher bid, please be sure to do so before the close of the auction. As the close draws nearer we recommend you to place your absolute maximum bid at this stage in order to stand the best chance of winning this fantastic package.


Let's try to raise as much money as possible for this great cause!


Meanwhile we are in receipt of a highest bid of £710 for the High Voltage VIP package. Any bids over this amount are welcome.


The closing date for the High Voltage bundle is 27 March 2010.


Don't forget each package includes the bonus of time in the studio with MTWA - the first time such an opportunity has been offered to anyone outside of the band's inner circle.


Click here to read the official press release for the auction.

Cancer Charity Auction - Update

FEB 23 2010

Latest news on the charity auction, as we edge close to the closing date for the Leicester bundle:


We are pleased to say, we are now in receipt of a highest bid of £710 for the High Voltage VIP package.


The Leicester VIP package has a highest bid of £180.


Any bids over these amounts are welcome. We are now just a FEW DAYS away from the closing date (27 Feb 2010 ) of the auction for the Leicester bundle, so get those bids in NOW. Let's try to raise as much money as possible for this great cause!


The closing date for the High Voltage bundle is 27 March 2010.


Don't forget each package includes the bonus of time in the studio with MTWA - the first time such an opportunity has been offered to anyone outside of the band's inner circle.

Charity Auction Attracts Classic Rock coverage

FEB 17 2010

Leading national rock music magazine Classic Rock has backed our charity auction in aid of Cancer Research UK, and feaures an article on the auction on its website.Click here to read the article


Latest news on the auction:


We are pleased to say, we are now in receipt of a highest bid of £710 for the High Voltage VIP package.


The Leicester VIP package has a highest bid of £170.


Any bids over these amounts are welcome.


We are now just over ONE WEEK away from the closing date (27 Feb) of the auction for the Leicester bundle, so get those bids in NOW. Let's try to raise as much money as possible for this great cause!


The closing date for the High Voltage bundle is 27 March 2010.


Don't forget each package includes the bonus of time in the studio with MTWA - the first time such an opportunity has been offered to anyone outside of the band's inner circle.


We are indebted to help from all at Classic Rock and all at Mama Group for their support.

Vote For Wishbone Ash in Planet Rock poll

FEB 15 2010

The UK’s classic rock radio station Planet Rock is running a poll for the best classic rock live album of all time.


We are counting on YOUR support to help us get Wishbone Ash into the upper region of the chart.


While there are obviously a number of Wishbone Ash live titles which fans may feel worthy of the title, it is a no-brainer than the album most likely to receive enough votes to make the chart would be 1973's definitive Live Dates double album. We therefore urge fans to unite and vote unanimously for this title. There is far greater chance of Wishbone Ash making the poll if everyone votes for the same album. A more diverse range of votes for various live releases could actually result in Wishbone Ash not making the chart at all.


Click here to go to the voting page, and get as many of your friends and relatives to vote as well.


The definitive marks of Wishbone Ash had a well deserved reputation as one of the greatest live bands of its era. Let's pull together and see this reflected in the poll results.


Get voting!

Cancer Charity Auction Update

FEB 7 2010

Latest news on the "Money Can't Buy" cancer charity auction:


We are pleased to say, we are now in receipt of a highest bid of £610 for the High Voltage VIP package.


The Leicester VIP package has a highest bid of £130.


Any bids over these amounts are welcome.

Don't forget each package includes the bonus of time in the studio with MTWA - the first time such an opportunity has been offered to anyone outside of the band's inner circle.

Message From Martin Turner

JAN 30 2010

Happy New Year to all fans of Wishbone Ash music,


Another twelve months has passed, and what a busy year 2009 proved to be. As we prepare to mark the 40th anniversary of the formation of Wishbone Ash, I’m delighted to find myself in a situation where I am busier than ever. We certainly covered some ground over the past year and knocked up some serious road miles, particularly on the extensive tours of the UK and the German speaking territories. As always it’s great to be greeted by familiar faces in the audiences, but what is equally pleasing is that we are finding new friends wherever we play – people who have not seen Wishbone Ash performed live for many years and also younger fans who are hearing the band’s classic music for the first time, either by listening to their parents collections or by discovering the music through the internet. New territories are opening up for MTWA all the time, with serious interest now being expressed in both the US and Japan. When Steve Upton and I left the West Country to “search for something new” all those years ago, we could never have possibly imagined that the music we were eventually to create together with Ted Turner, Andy Powell and Laurie Wisefield would still touch the hearts of so many people four decades later. I thank all fans of the music of Wishbone Ash, throughout the world, for their support, both throughout the years and in the present day.


On the 40th anniversary of Wishbone Ash, a special thanks to those who helped to make the band. Ted Turner, my spiritual "brother", with whom I speak regularly and meet whenever we're on the same island; to Steve Upton, my great friend  - so good that we're in regular contact; and to Laurie - a great Xmas lunch in Soho, you're doing well mon ami. Andy – good to meet you in the Summer. Throw down the sword, mate – you’ll feel much better for it.


And so to 2010 and Life Begins…


As we enter a new period of touring for the band, we have introduced some different oldies into the live show, which we premiered in Greece last week.  I am sure the show will develop further as the year progresses. Compiling a show from a catalogue as extensive as Wishbone Ash’s is never easy and it’s important to get the balance right. Naturally our most ardent fans are keen to hear some of the songs that we have not played with this band yet. At the same time we also have to please those who may not so be familiar with the wider catalogue and the material within it. It is vital that we cater for both elements of the fanbase and, on that note, we will be continuing to include a sprinkling of Argus songs in the set and, I’m pleased to say, I’m not “Argussed-out” yet!!!  Argus has been good to me/us. It remains Wishbone Ash’s most critically and commercially revered studio album, people still want to hear it and my band are as qualified as any to reproduce it. So, let’s continue to celebrate its success!


We also plan during the Spring of this year to begin recording some new studio material in between our touring commitments, and I am certainly looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing once more. There are no definite plans as regards an album release date at this time. So, no pressures, no release dates – we’ll just go in and see what happens. I already have a bunch of songs  ready to record, and I look forward to working with my band members and possibly other collaborators on further material. All I can say at this early stage is that the music will have the melodic content that Wishbone Ash was known for.

Speaking of my band, I would like to thank Ray, Danny and Dave for their sterling efforts over the past year.  I believe we now have a stable line-up, with the correct blend of talents and personalities needed to take MTWA forwards. I thank you, chaps, for your ongoing support and your overall faith in the project.


Thanks as always to my immediate team of Martin Darvill (QEDG management), Don McKay (Rhino Agency) and Gary Carter (website), UK publicist Roland Hyams and our new US publicist, Dr Ellie Schwartz, plus various industry advisers here and in Germany  – you are the guys who hold everything together behind the scenes. Also Mick Howlett on the sound and all of you who help us on the road, as well as my mad family.


We are also pleased to welcome aboard Maria Lundy, who has taken over merchandise duties for UK tour dates. Prior to the last UK tour, Gary announced to us privately that he would like to take a break from touring duties. We fully understand Gary’s need to spend more time at home with his young family and thank him for his dedicated efforts in the merch department to date.  Working the merch stand is not an easy job by any means, as aside from selling goods, the sales person is also expected to field the numerous questions from fans concerning product and the band in general – something Gary, who knows more about the history of the band than I do, was always able to do very well. Maria has already proven more than capable and we all wish her well in this position. Gary, meanwhile, remains an integral and fully committed part of the team and not touring should allow him more time to concentrate on developing website content, archival projects, compiling the next book, etc, all of which I look forward to working with him on in the not too distant future. As a prime member of our management team, I am certain he’ll be at many of the shows as well. Each member of the team is a vital cog in the machine that keeps the band running and without which there would be no show. In a world so often filled with unnecessary spite and negativity, I am delighted to be surrounded by so much goodwill.


Finally, I am happy to endorse and support the Cancer Research charity auction that has recently been announced on the site. Cancer is something that affects everyone – we all either know or have lost someone who has suffered this disease - and the auction is a great example of how music can be used positively to unite people and to help others.


OK, enough talking – time to get on with it!


See you on the road,


Best Wishes


Opening Night

JAN 29 2010

MTWA delighted fans last night at the opening night of its Life Begins UK tour. The intimate setting of the Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst served as an ideal warm-up venue for tonight's prestigious London show at the 100 Club and the band received a rapturous response as, fresh from a series of four shows in Greece, they unveiled their new set list to a UK audience.


Classic tracks merged well with lesser heard songs, which included a four-songWishbone Four sequence in the first half of the show. The set offered a number of surprises, including the first ever live performance of No Smoke Without Fire track "Ships In The Sky", resplendant with some outstanding three part harmony vocals, a lead vocal from Danny Willson on "Rock n Roll Widow", and Ray stepping up to handle co-lead vocals on "Ballad of the Beacon" and "Errors of my Way". Martin Turner upheld his position as the defining voice and bass of Wishbone Ash music throughout.


The band have clearly worked hard on this show, compiling a set that will please both dedicated fans and casual listeners alike.

We encourage fans to post their reviews of the Life Begins shows they attend, either by e-mail or via our forum


The full set list ran as follows:

The King Will Come 

Vas Dis 

Ballad of the Beacon

Everybody Needs a Friend 

Rock n Roll Widow 



Lost Cause in Paradise 

Errors of my Way 

Ships in the Sky 

You See Red 


Throw Down The Sword 

Blowin' Free 

Time and Space 

Living Proof 


MTWA tracks played on LBC

JAN 29 2010

As pre-show publicity for tonight's MTWA show at London's 100 Club, major London station LBC radio aired the track "Warrior" from MTWA's Argus: Through The Looking Glass album this past Wednesday.


Thanks to Sky's show-biz editor Steve Hargrave for arranging this.

Cancer Charity Auction Update

JAN 27 2010

Latest news on the "Money Can't Buy" cancer charity auction:


We are pleased to say, we are now in receipt of a highest bid of £560 for the High Voltage VIP package. Any bids over that amount are welcome.


The Leicester package has yet to receive any bids, so now is the time to put your hands in your pockets and support this very worthwhile cause.


Don't forget each package includes the bonus of time in the studio with MTWA - the first time such an opportunity has been offered to anyone outside of the band's inner circle.


Click here to read the official press release for the auction.

The Emperor's New Clothes

JAN 22 2010

Martin Turner and his management team are disappointed that Andy Powell has once again chosen to spread mistruths concerning the state of affairs between himself and the other co-founders of Wishbone Ash in the public domain, both in a recent Japanese magazine interview (reproduced on Andy’s website) and also in a syndicated and clearly orchestrated web release published late last year. There is surprise and disappointment that he should think that such malicious statements will not be countered.  And there is astonishment that he would risk the legal consequences of libel and defamation. 


The position of the three co-founders of Wishbone Ash – Steve Upton, Ted Turner and Martin Turner – remains the same. They would always prefer that behind the scenes matters are dealt with privately and that any comments they make in the public domain will only be in direct response to mistruths and misleading spin published elsewhere.   It is with genuine sadness that this statement has become appropriate, and it is hoped that Mr Powell will cease abusing the public domain in this way.  The great name of “Wishbone Ash” deserves better.  Disputes should be kept private. 


However, as Mr Powell has made various false statements in public, the following statements are in response.


On January 20 2010 Mr Powell published a message which invited the public to believe that Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash had booked a tour of the Netherlands. “That band cancelled” said Mr Powell, stirring fans to believe it was Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash.


That is a complete fabrication. Not only has MTWA NOT cancelled any Dutch gigs, MTWA has not even booked any. MTWA will be touring Holland and Germany, amongst other European territories, later in the year. As we have made clear before, if a gig is not confirmed on this website, it cannot be regarded as official.


We also wish to point out once again that, contrary to comments made on Mr.Powell's website, MTWA does not support, endorse or encourage any misleading promotions of its concerts. Promoters of Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash are provided with all the marketing essentials required to promote their concerts and are instructed to use only the official biographical details and promotional images as supplied. It is a contractual requirement that NO OTHER MARKETING MATERIALS CAN BE USED WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL FROM MTWA. Promoters are instructed to bill Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash only by its full title, as this is in both the promoter's and the artist's interests, commercially and ethically, as well as in the interests of the fan-base, who should know exactly what to expect on the night. The two bands presently performing Wishbone Ash music each present a completely different slant on the WA theme, and Martin Turner is happy performing Wishbone Ash music in the way it was originally conceived withsongs in which he had a substantial creative input. Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash has a strong desireNOT to be confused with Andy Powell’s line-up, for obvious reasons, and there is a big clue in the MTWA brand, that Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash is the version containing Martin Turner.  Martin wants people to know they are coming to see Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, not Andy’s band.  Original Wishbone Ash members Steve Upton, Ted Turner and Martin Turner wish to make it known that they are aware that many of Andy Powell’s concerts for 2010 are already being promoted using classic images of the original Mk.1 line-up of the band, as were several concerts during 2009. Steve, Ted and Martin will not be appearing at these concerts and are disappointed that their images are being used to promote shows that are being performed by Andy Powell’s band. This gives the false impression of a reunion of the original band and will ultimately lead to fans being disappointed. We urge fans to contact us in the first instance should they come across further instances of such misrepresentation and exploitation.


Should fans have any concerns about the advertising of any of Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash’s concerts, we urge them to contact us with specific details, rather than engage in posting on fan forums, which results in wildcat speculation and childish and abusive follow-up postings. Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash’s agents will deal with any concerns efficiently and courteously and any genuine errors will be rectified. Juxtapose this with the dismissive response Martin Turner’s team recently received from Andy Powell‘s lawyers. When requested to remove a photograph of the original Mk.1 band being used misleadingly to promote one of Andy Powell’s bands’ concerts, Andy’s lawyers responded to state that Andy or the  band "cannot be held responsible" and that MTWA should complain to the promoter, not to Andy. Fair enough, but to avoid considerations of double standards, perhaps the element of Andy Powell’s fan-base that has acted in a judgemental manner towards Martin Turner’s team when third party mistakes have occurred in the past would care to consider Mr Powell’s lawyers’ advice before making silly comments in the public domain.   This double standard has been pointed out to Andy and his team in private letters, but Andy and his team have continued to encourage / not curtail hysterical abuse against MTWA on their website, blaming MTWA for promoter errors, when Andy and his team have had assurances of immediate response from MTWA [despite Andy’s lawyer’s opinion]. 


Add this to the sanctimonious unpleasantness and astonishing number of straightforward lies and misrepresentations contained in Andy’s recent Japanese interview, misleading gullible readers and defaming MTWA and its team. Fortunately, the “reasonable man” is able to see through the self pity and spiteful agenda of a brilliant guitarist, but dubious businessman, who has registered in bad faith a trade mark belonging to several other core members, whose share of ownership, in law, is NOT dependent upon being on the road for 40 years. Martin Turner has already made clear the facts and circumstances surrounding the issues referred to by Mr. Powell in his interview, whereas Mr. Powell has made so many truculent public statements that he regularly contradicts himself and besmirches the brand. He has registered the name in bad faith and he has taken legal action. And he publicly wonders why his ex-colleagues don’t trust him.


We accept that each member of the original band will have his own perspective on events through the years. However, much of Andy Powell’s recent Japanese interview goes well beyond the realms of an “alternative viewpoint” and can be described as nothing short of bare faced LIES. It is saddening that a rock star of Andy’s pedigree should resort to such a malevolence and bitterness.


Once again, for the record, nobody from MTWA has ever approached Andy Powell to ask his permission to use any name. Martin Turner does not need to ask Andy Powell for permission to use a name that Martin co-owns. For Andy to state in public that he was approached for permission to use the brand “Wishbone featuring Martin Turner” is pure fantasy, like other sections in the interview. Wishbone ft Martin Turner was negotiated by Mr Powell’s agent following threats from the Andy Powell camp to promoters in the UK [threatening, improperly, that Mart had no rights to the name and promoters who used it would be sued] – where promoters would only book Martin’s band if it was called Wishbone ft Martin Turner, due to Andy’s legal threats. Wishbone ft Martin Turner involved a gentleman’s agreement with Andy Powell which was regularly broken by Mr.Powell and his team.  


The truth is that Andy was notified during his 2004 legal action that MTWA would be called MTWA. MTWA pleads guilty to communicating with Andy regularly since Andy started legal action against Mart in 2004, when he tried to force Mart to hand over his residual rights to the name and brand. Legal action resulting in Andy’s claims being dismissed and Mart being told he could keep his website domain and name, a website that Mart had registered in 1998, and soon after started using as a classic Wishbone Ash site, contrary to the indication of Andy’s public comments. As has been stated before, Mart, Steve, Ted and Laurie all own residual rights in the name. Why should any of them give up their rights? Since 2004, MTWA has tried to negotiate a way forward where the two bands can live together in harmony. It is ludicrous that Andy and his team wish to fight a dirty battle in public. That only demeans the brand. If the two bands could live in harmony, it would stop unscrupulous promoters playing one band off against the other. It would stop the farcical situation where some fans who would ideally like to see both bands, are worried about mentioning Mart’s name at an Andy Powell concert, for fear of the abuse that is regularly dished out by those close to Andy. This comment is sadly becoming all too common. Shame on those who perpetrate and perpetuate it.


Regardless of suggestions and speculation elsewhere, Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash has operated totally in accordance with the law – more specifically British law – since its inception. All legal requirements have been met and all extant music industry procedures have been followed. Specifically, merchandising bearing the classic Wishbone Ash designs has been properly licensed with permission and EXCLUSIVE license from the original designers / copyright holders, not pirated as per Andy Powell’s “speciality” shop’s unauthorised usage of these designs. Similarly, MCPS has been paid on song-writing royalties to ensure the core members of the Mk.1 and MK.2 line-ups of Wishbone Ash are remunerated fairly and properly for the songs-writing credits featured on MTWA’s releases. Juxtapose this with Andy Powell’s [and his lawyer’s] refusal to address the issue of unpaid royalties and publishing or produce proof of the correct licenses on projects he has initiated involving the original band members’ co-owned performances and copyrighted compositions, despite several requests. How ironic then that Andy Powell should accuse Martin Turner of “living off past royalties” and state that the original co-founders are “in denial of reality and have no balls”.


There is a tragic culture of distortion, intimidation and malevolence coming from Andy Powell and his organisation and we urge all reasonable people not to get involved with this sad misuse of the public domain. 


Any reasonable person must surely wonder why Andy Powell continues to portray himself as a bitter old man, full of self-pity, rather than a rock star in his prime, enjoying a life that many can only dream of.


The fact is that there are two bands playing Wishbone Ash music and both have rights to use the name. Fans should be delighted there are two bands performing Wishbone Ash music. Of course there is potential for confusion in the market place, but this can be minimised by the two bands working together. Legal action is ridiculous. Unlike certain other bands with one core member, there has never been a legal agreement over the name and there has never been a transfer of the core members’ shares in the ownership of the name / brand. Andy cannot legally stop Martin from using the name. Yet his lawyers have been instructed not to negotiate, even on matters of mutual interest, unless all the ex-members hand over their trade mark rights.


It is fully understood that there are fans who believe that Andy should own the name by virtue of his uninterrupted membership of the touring arm of the Wishbone Ash brand.  That opinion is not shared, certainly not by the law, but it is respected.  There are those who prefer Andy’s band to Mart’s.  That is respected.  MTWA believes that there should be passion and opinion.  But there should also be respect and dignity.  Unfettered conspiracy theories are counter-productive to the Wishbone Ash brand.   


Conversely, there is a significant constituency which considers Andy’s use of the brand to be confusingto those who remember and prefer “Wishbone Ash” as being the Mk. 1 and Mk 2 versions [especially as Andy’s lawyers advise that Andy has no need to correct photos of the original members]. Mart, Ted and Steve would prefer that Andy goes out as “Andy Powell’s Wishbone Ash”. If this matter proceeds to court, that is the likely ruling. However, rather than go to court and publicly humiliate the brand, Mart has THROUGHOUT this process agreed NOT to oppose Andy’s use of WA, provided Andy takes more care of the publicity photos, and provided Andy withdraws the threat of legal action. Andy has steadfastly refused. Under these circumstances, is there any wonder that the original members thought it would be unwise to join Andy at the Sheperds Bush event?  Other ex-members of Wishbone Ash also believed participation to be unwise.


It is regretful that Andy Powell should continue to endorse “wrecking tactics” by allowing animosity and potentially libellous remarks to be made about Martin Turner on his website forum. It is also disappointing that he chooses to embrace litigation rather than work with the original co-founders of the band / brand to reach an agreement that would ensure that all parties’ interests are fairly protected and represented. Such misadventure will encompass several years of futile embarrassment for the brand, whereas a sensible agreement would allow all parties to move on positively and with dignity intact. Surely that is what 99.9% of the millions of fans of Wishbone Ash worldwide would want?  Apart from those with blind faith and closed minds, none of the fanbase would want to see Andy and Martin [and numerous witnesses] risking oblivion of the brand in court.  Even if Andy decides that his chances do not warrant the risk, is he prepared to embrace Jaw jaw, not war war?


Finally, those that have watched Mart schlep up and down the motorways of Europe in his minibus, playing to handfuls of people in the early days of MTWA, gradually building his own brand and fanbase, celebrating all of his post-sixty birthdays on the road, will know that this is not about money. This is about the music and Mart’s joy at being back on stage playing music that he was responsible for. He is not setting out to harm Andy, and judging by Andy’s and Mart’s current itineraries, there is a returning and recurring fanbase seeing both bands, despite the hostilities.  Andy’s current itinerary begs the question as to how MTWA is causing him harm.  Confusion in the market place?  Only for those who want to create division.  Two bands on the road playing Wishbone Ash music. That should be celebrated.


Once again, it is an absolute shame that the public statements issued and endorsed by Andy Powell have been so misleading.  It is an indignity that these public statements have demanded response and truth.  Let us hope that the dirty linen can be brought back into the private, left to the advisers to resolve, either by agreement or in court, but without the humiliation of self pity, false witness and schadenfreude in public.

Cut through the rewritten history, misinformation and lies, and it is clear that the Emperor's new clothes should probably not be worn in public.



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