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Argus Deluxe Edition Update

NOV 3 2007

As exclusively revealed by Martin Turner in his birthday message a month ago, Universal will be releasing the two CD deluxe edition of Wishbone Ash's definitive Argus album on 19 November 2007.


Aside from featuring the entire original album, remastered from the original master tapes, the first disc also features "The Pilgrim" and "Phoenix" from the Live From Memphis promo, as well as the single version of "No Easy Road".


The second disc features a BBC Radio 1 "In Concert" programme, recorded at London's Paris Studios on 25 May 1972 and featuring "Time Was", "Blowin' Free", "Warrior", "Throw Down The Sword", "The King Will Come" and "Phoenix", the tracks presented in their original order of broadcast.


The second disc is rounded off with further BBC recordings - "Blowin' Free" (Bob Harris Show, 31 May 1972) and "Throw Down The Sword" (Pete Drummond Show, 10 May 1972).


The album comes packaged complete with original Hipgnosis cover artwork (complete with reinstated UFO!), as well as archival inner pics and authoritative sleeve notes from Mark Powell (no relation!).

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash Tour Update

NOV 3 2007

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's November/December 2007 UK tour kicked off last night at a packed Derby Flowerpot. The band's revised set list featured a number of rarely performed songs: - Rest in Peace; Why Don't We; Lost Cause in Paradise; Everybody Needs a Friend; and Lady Jay.


Tickets for the tour are selling well, with certain venues reporting near sell-outs.

We are able to confirm that the band will be playing live shows in Greece in February and Holland in March 2008; full details to be announced shortly.

New Live Dates Vol 2 Pre-orders

OCT 17 2007

We are now ready to take advance orders for Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's New Live Dates Volume 2 CD.


Recorded during the band's 2006 UK tour, the album features material recorded during the second half of the show with track list that runs as follows:


Silver Shoes

Cosmic Jazz

Diamond Jack

Master of Disguise


Come In From the Rain

Living Proof

Blowing Free

Why Don't We (with Ted Turner)

Jailbait (with Ted Turner)

Say Goodbye


Go to the store to order your copy. Mailings will take place during November 2007.


OCT 5 2007

We’re pleased to confirm that MTWA is working with Po Powell and Storm Thorgerson of Hipgnosis, important contributors to the creative heritage and legacy of Wishbone Ash.


When we made the decision to take Argus out on tour, it made sense to legitimise the project with the original designs and images.


We approached Storm and Po for permission, as a result of which we were surprised to discover that Hipgnosis’ Wishbone Ash copyrights were available, no licenses existing for recent exploitation.


We have negotiated exclusive and sole rights to use the heritage copyrights, ranging from the iconic logos to the classic ‘70s album covers. 

Birthday Message from Martin Turner

OCT 1 2007

Dear All


I wish to thank all of you for the many gifts, cards and messages.  


As I hit yet another milestone in my life, I am delighted to be able to confirm that I am busier than ever. 


Keith, Rob, Ray and I have spent much time in the studio at Liscombe Park this summer.  First, we have mixed and mastered New Live Dates 2 which will soon be going to press.   Once again, our friend and designer Howard “Ghostmojo” Johnston has helped us with the cover, bringing the Hipgnosis artwork legacy to the 21st century.  Stand by for further news about Hipgnosis.


While in the studio we commenced work on a new project.  For many years I have been encouraged to discuss the origins and creativity behind Argus.  It is the body of work that I am most proud of and it is an open secret that we have been using studio time to record a new version of Argus, which will be released next year, together with bonus features. 


I will always be grateful for the great talents of Andy, Ted and Steve which brought the concept to life.  The maturing years have solidified respects and friendships and I am in regular contact with many of my past colleagues, energised by their support for my return to the stage and studio.  Other musical friends and subsequent Wishbone Ash players have kindly lent their support to the returning Argus.


It has been a great experience for me to bring new ideas to the Argus songs and I hope you will enjoy the eventual experience as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you.


Meanwhile, we have been working with Universal in their renewed passion for the ‘70s catalogue, and we will be working closely as they re-release the early albums, including Live Dates 2.  Universal’s repackaged Argus will be released 19 November 2007.  Our re-record will be released during the 2008 tour schedule.

We are looking forward to the upcoming dates in November and hope to see many of you there.  Perhaps some of our overseas friends.  Look out for our advert in Classic Rock.  


Later in the year we will be giving you details of our 2008 touring agenda, where the 2nd set will be devoted to Argus in its entirety.  The tour will be a celebration of Wishbone Ash’s classic heritage.  We are planning an intimate media preview of the show before the main “New Live Argus” Tour and we will make a certain number of tickets exclusively available to those of you who have been so supportive from the start.  Watch this site for details.


I would like to thank my family and my management team who have worked closely with me throughout 2 challenging years and who have never let me lose sight of the bigger picture.  I’m pleased to welcome renowned publicist Roland Hyams to our team.


Finally, once again I would like to thank all of you.  Your generosity has been overwhelming, 


The gifts, cards and messages.

Some which can’t be mentioned on a family site.


Very funny !!!!!!!!!


Wishbone Ash fans never lose their sense of mischief.  Don’t take life too seriously, and you can have some great fun.

Let’s all go forth.  Spend more time being happy, and less time fighting each other.


Peace and Love, Man

Martin Turner

New Live Dates Vol. 2

SEP 19 2007

We are pleased to announce that Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's "New Live Dates Volume 2" CD will be released in November 2007, coinciding with the band's UK tour.


Recorded during the band's debut UK tour in February 2006, the album follows on from "Volume 1" and features material recorded during the second part of the band's show, including show highlights such as "FUBB", "Diamond Jack", "Silver Shoes" and "Blowin' Free". Two tracks featuring special guest Ted Turner - "Why Don't We" and "Jailbait" - are also featured.

Argus Deluxe Reissue

JULY 27 2007

Universal has confirmed that they will be issuing a deluxe edition of Argus during the 4th quarter of 2007, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Wishbone Ash’s seminal masterpiece.

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - UK Tour dates

JULY 20 2007

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash are pleased to announce a UK tour for November/December 2007.


Dates confirmed so far can be found on the tour dates page.

First Light Reviewed

APRIL 11 2007

Wishbone Ash’s newest release is, ironically, what eventually became their debut release. Recorded to woo record label interest in 1969, the recordings were not needed as a label had been secured. The band went on to re-record most of the songs that were on that recording and left the master in a vault at Apple. Fast forward to the present time, Apple cleared the vaults and found the forgotten master. They held an auction and, as luck would have it, Dr John, recognized the recordings for what they were, acquired them and turned them over to the band. The songs on that master were what Wishbone Ash fans would easily recognize as those on their first album with the exception of “Phoenix.”


First Light showcases Wishbone Ash first fruits in a remarkably cleaned up audio presentation. The songs are instantly recognizable and highly familiar as they have the classic early Wishbone Ash sound that fans have fallen in love with. What separates First Light from being a casual interest is that, as well-known as the songs are, they possess subtle (and, at times, not so subtle) differences in the makeup of the tunes. In addition, there are three other songs, two of which are absolutely fresh and never before heard; the other song is “Alone,” which made it onto Pilgrimage as an instrumental but is here in its original and vocalized form.


The album contains 8 songs and begins with “Lady Whiskey.” It is followed by a previously unheard song, the perfect “Roads of Day to Day.” The song is sung by Andy Powell and is a gem on this album. It has a captivating guitar segment that reminds a bit of the guitars of “Throw Down the Sword.” The other previously unreleased song, “Joshua” is a short instrumental, not as complete as “Roads of Day to Day,” which is a fully developed song.


The variation of “Alone,” as a song with words, sung by Martin Turner, is the most pleasant surprise of this album. It is reminiscent of “Leaf and Stream” in its entirety and will definitely stay with you. You will also find that both versions of “Alone” have their separate charms. The version of “Handy” found on First Light is structurally different than its original counterpart that made the cut on their debut. Most of the musical ideas found in the original song remain intact however; it is a song that you’ll compare to its counterpart most often. Steve Upton’s drumming skills plays heavily in the First Light version, much more so than his structured drumming found in the original debut cut. You’ll also find that the debut album version has a smoother flow to it. But make no mistake; this First Light version is quite listenable.


First Light is a grand and fortunate find for Wishbone Ash fans, especially the purists. Not only will you be insanely pleased with this release, you’ll also love the alternate versions of most of the songs found on their debut release, again, with the exception of “Phoenix.” The adds of the two unreleased songs and the vocal version of “Alone” boost the necessity of owning this set.


If you’re a true Wishbone Ash fan, you already own this miraculous find. It is so imperative that, certainly, no Wishbone Ash collection can be without it.

New Martin Turner Interview Online

MAR 16 2007

A new in-depth Martin Turner interview can be found at Gibson Bass website - Martin talks bass guitars, equipment, Wishbone history, MTWA and beyond!


Click here to read the interview.

Early Wishbone Ash session discovered and scheduled for release

FEB 16 2007

In early 1970, the original Wishbone Ash line-up of Martin Turner, Steve Upton, Andy Powell and Ted Turner entered Advision studios in London to record material they had penned for their first album with engineers Phil Dunne and Eddie Offord (the latter would eventually work extensively with Yes). As Martin Turner said in the Blowin' Free book, "Phil could get "down time" for us late at night, so we would go in at eleven at night and recorded till about 3 o'clock. We recorded a whole album's worth of material. This was the tape which we later gave to Derek Lawrence, which led to our recording deal with MCA." Upon completion, the tape was sent to Apple Corps for mastering.


Eventually Wishbone Ash re-recorded most of the music featured on this recording at De Lane Lea for their first album with Derek Lawrence, the Advision tapes being shelved. For many years the Advision recordings were presumed lost forever until recently when an acetate of the recordings was put up for auction on Christie's online auction house. The auction was won by leading Wishbone Ash archivist Dr.John, who offered the recording to the band for future use.


We are pleased to announce that a deal has been struck with Talking Elephant Records to make these long lost recordings available for the very first time. These historic sessions will be released as First Light on 2 April 2007. The track listing for the album is:


Lady Whiskey

Roads of Day to Day

Blind Eye


Queen of Torture



Errors of My Way 


As you will notice from the track listing, the album features two previously unheard tunes - "Road of Day To Day" and the instrumental "Joshua", as well as a vocal version of "Alone", which would later feature on the band's second album Pilgrimage. It would be safe to assume that "Phoenix" had not been written by the time of recording, with it being the only song from the first album not featured on this earlier recording, which is generally believed to be the very oldest surviving recording of Wishbone Ash (although an earlier session at West of England studios in Exeter - the band's very first recording session - has been previously documented as taking place on 16/17 March 1970 in several articles - wonder what happened to those recordings?!). 


Speaking today about the Advision recordings, Martin Turner says, "At the point that this was recorded, aside from Steve Upton and myself, who had played together for some time, we had literally only been together for a few months and were all still in our late teens/early twenties. The music sounds full of energy and gusto, with the band sounding very young and naive both musically and vocally - we sound like a bunch of choir boys!  There is an interesting version of "Errors Of My Way" with what sounds like Andy singing both harmony parts, with lots of echo. There is also an amusing instrumental entitled "Joshua", which we played a couple of times almost as a joke - I can't believe we actually recorded it and can see why it didn't make the first album. Overall the album is a valid document of the beginnings of the band and has a very "live" feel to it, almost like a live studio recording. I am amazed that this recording has survived in such good shape. Obviously it is taken from an acetate and there is the occasional surface noise, but generally the quality is very good. Well done to Dr.John in America for discovering this." 


There has already been some speculation about the legitimacy of this release on the fan forums and Martin, who has given his consent to the album's release, is keen to set the record straight. "I've heard the album and met with Barry Riddington at Talking Elephant - all is above board, as far as I know, and I am happy for these historical recordings to be released. This is a good example of what can be achieved when everyone works together to achieve something worthwhile. "  


Pre-orders for First Light will be taken through very shortly - watch this space.

MTWA Rotherham Review

JAN 24 2007

The following review of Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash at the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre in Rotherham on 25 November 2006, was published in the January/February 2007 edition of Rock Society, the magazine of the Classic Rock Society.


"As a huge fan of the classic Wishbone Ash, I was really looking forward to the first (and hopefully not last) appearance of Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, and I wasn't disappointed. Founder member, lead vocalist and main songwriter, Martin Turner was an integral part of the band's sound during their heyday in the 70s and indeed played an essential part in the reunions during the late 80s and early 90s.

Having remastered and helped with various reissues of classic Ash it seems perfectly logical for Martin to take the next step and return to the live arena, playing Ash songs the way they were meant to be played. This is very different from the current Andy Powell led Wishbone Ash, and instead of relying on a greatest hits set, Martin, guitarists Keith Buck and Ray Hatfield, with drummer John Fisher deputising for a few gigs, played a genuine Wishbone Ash concert.


From the brilliant "Runaway", via classics like "Silver Shoes", "Outward Bound", "Lifeline", "You See Red", they give an airing to material that's been neglected by the current Wishbone Ash, and with the duelling twin guitars, Martin's unique vocals and bass playing, they breathe new life into the familiar ("Warrior" and a storming "Blowin' Free") whilst dusting off songs like "Living Proof" and "FUBB".


For anyone who's a fan of Wishbone Ash, this concert was amazing. The songs are great, the band are a tight unit working together, and even though it's Martin Turner's name in lights, there's no ego from the guy. He's performing the songs the way he wants them performed, and the way they were meant to be played.


Finishing off with one of my personal favourites, "Say Goodbye", and then ending on a classic Ash blues number, there's no doubting that this band is a bona fide Wishbone Ash line-up and one you must see if you get the chance. A fantastic night of Wishbone Ash material performed by one of the original members, you couldn't ask for anything more (except "Insomnia" from Just Testing please!).


A fantastic gig. Who needs Wishbone Ash when you've got Wishbone Ash!"

To join the Classic Rock Society and receive Rock Society magazine go to:

MTWA Live Dates 2007

JAN 22 2007

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash have now announced live dates for 2007. See thelive dates page for the present schedule, to which more dates will be added shortly.

Measham - Important Announcement

NOV 30 2006

It is with regret that we have to announce that Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash have been forced to postpone their previously announced Measham WMC appearance until Saturday 20 January 2007. This is owing to logistical complications following Rob Hewins' recent collar bone injury.


John Fisher has ably filled the drum stool for recent appearances, stepping into the position at very short notice and effectively saving this leg of the tour, but is unable to play with MTWA at Measham due to prior commitments. It had originally been hoped that Rob would be recovered in time to appear with MTWA at Measham, but unfortunately Rob will now not be fit to play until the new year.


MTWA wish to apologise to fans for any invconvenience caused by this and trust people will understand the band's concern that Rob does not return to playing until he is fully recovered, since any premature return to drumming could result in later complications.


The band's final show of 2006 will now be at Howden on 8 December with John Fisher on drums.

Important Announcement: Rob Hewins

NOV 10 2006

It is with regret that we have to announce that, owing to a collar bone injury sustained while playing football, Rob Hewins will not be appearing with Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash for their live appearances throughout November/December.


I am sure everyone will join me in wishing Rob a speedy recovery and return to the drum stool. Faced with the choice between cancelling the dates or continuing with a replacement drummer, Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash chose the latter, so as not to disappoint the legions of fans who have purchased tickets and made advance arrangements, etc.


Therefore joining the band for the upcoming shows will be John Fisher, a familiar face to many Martin Turner fans, being the original Blue Bishops drummer. John is a versatile musician, a present member of the band Audience and is also a respected drum teacher. 

MTWA add tour date

NOV 3 2006

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash have added one further date to their schedule. On Saturday 16 December, the band will make a return visit to Measham WMC (Tel: 01530 270374) in Derbyshire - the venue where the band played their first "dress rehearsal" show last November. The show is intended as a special "thank you" to the staff at the WMC who have supplied rehearsal facilities for the band over the past year and looks set to be the band's final show of 2006.

New Live Dates Vol.1 - A Review

NOV 2 2006

The following review of the forthcoming live CD from Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash appears in the current issue of Rock Society, the magazine of the Classic Rock Society based in Rotherham. The same issue also contains an in-depth interview with Martin.


"It does not take long to get into this version of Wishbone Ash, reason being that original bass man, vocalist and songwriter has picked three competent musicians well able to recreate that very special Wishbone Ash sound. Turner's voice (and obviously his bass lines) is sound, while guitarist/vocalists Keith Buck and Ray Hatfield seem to have everything in hand. With Rob Hewins on drums it all sounds hunky dory!


The difference between Turner's Ash and Powell's Ash is the variation of the songs in the set list. Martin has been careful to include some favourites while not treplicating Powell's ideals. "Doctor" starts off matters before popular Ash track "Blind Eye". Of the Ash "Top 10", if you want, only "Warrior" and "Persephone" are in there but that is not to say that Turner's choices are inferior. In fact it's a refreshing change to hear tracks such as "Lorelei" and "Front Page News" alongside Turner's solo "Walking The Reeperbahn". Two bonus tracks, "Flesh and Steel" and Strange Affair's "Standing in the Rain" feature another Ash original, Ted Turner. This is a beefier version and well worth checking out!


See the band at the CRS (HLS, Rotherham on 25 November)."


Martin Hudson

MTWA at Guitar Workshop Show

OCT 20 2006

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash have added an additional date to their November 2006 touring schedule. The band are pleased to announce that they will be making a special appearance on Sunday 12 November as part of the annual guitar show staged by official MTWA sponsors The Guitar Workshop.


The guitar show at The Guitar Workshop starts at 10am and includes demos and some superb bargains. Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash will appear as part of the evening concert at the Palace Theatre, Ibstock, Leicestershire. The gig will start at 7.30pm (doors 7.00pm). As a special bonus for MTWA fans, there will be a special support slot from Keith Buck and Darren Jones on acoustic guitars. As Duncan Keith at The Guitar Workshop says, "both of them have learned new chords this week, i.e. B7 Am and C diminished responsibility!"


Tickets are priced at £6.00 each and to reserve/buy tickets you can phone The Guitar Workshop on 01530 267324 or e-mail

New Live Dates Vol. 1 - Update

SEP 13 2006

New Live Dates Volume 1 will be available during mid-late-October 2006. However, those who pre-order the album through by 30 September 2006, will receive their copy personally autographed by Martin Turner.

Ordering details can be found in the store.


The full track list for New Live Dates Volume 1 is as follows:


  • Doctor

  • Blind Eye

  • Lorelei

  • Walking The Reeperbahn

  • Outward Bound

  • Persephone

  • Front Page News

  • Runaway

  • Baby The Angels Are Here

  • Warrior

  • Lifeline


+ two tracks featuring special guest Ted Turner:


  • Steel Jam

  • Standing In The Rain


New Live Dates Volume 1 was mainly recorded at various venues during the band's UK Tour of February 2006, with the exception of two tracks (Front Page News and Baby The Angels Are Here) recorded live at Liscombe Park Studios, Buckinghamshire during October 2005, when the band played live in front of a small invited audience of close friends and families. These tracks have been included as a record of the band's very first live performance.


New Live Dates Volume 2, due for release in November/December 2006, will contain material from the second half of the band's live set, plus further material featuring Ted Turner.

New Live Dates - The Album

AUG 17 2006

We are pleased to announce that the debut CD release from Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, featuring live recordings from the band's February 2006 UK tour, will be released during the Autumn of 2006.

New Live Dates mixes Wishbone Ash staples such as “Warrior”, “Blowin’ Free”, “Blind Eye” and “Living Proof” with lesser heard gems such as “Lifeline”, “Front Page News”, “Diamond Jack” and “Silver Shoes” and was recorded primarily at the Roadhouse, Birmingham, with additional material from other venues. The album will be released in two installments. 


New Live Dates Volume 1 will be released during Sept/Oct 2006 and will feature the first half of the band's two-part live set in its entirity. New Live Dates Volume 2 will follow and will feature the second half of the show.


Both albums will feature bonus material featuring Ted Turner guesting with the band onstage in Birmingham - the first time he and Martin had appeared together in nearly 15 years! will be taking advance orders for a limited Martin Turner autographed edition of the first installment shortly. Watch this space for further details on the album, including full track list and artwork.

MT Radio Interview

AUG 1 2006

Martin Turner will be interviewed this coming Sunday 6 August for BBC Radio Lancashire's 'Lancashire Blue Notes' programme, presented by Nick Dow, between 8-9pm. This appearance is primarily to promote the Colne Blues Festival, which the Blue Bishops are appearing at on Friday 25 August, this being Martin's very last show with the Bishops, but Martin will also have the opportunity to talk about Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash. As Martin is currently ensconsed in the studio mixing the live MTsWA album, the interview will be conducted by telephone. You will be able to listen to the interview at:


Martin has also recently done an interview with Jon Kirkman on - again this is connected with the Colne festival but again he has had the opportunity to talk about his own band. This is not online yet but should be appearing on soon.


MTWA Champion Brunetti Amplification

JULY 14 2006

We are happy to report some exciting developments in the equipment from for Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash.

Courtesy of MTWA official sponsors The Guitar Buckhas taken delivery of new amplification, hand made equipment manufactured by Italian company Brunetti, which he plans to use for future stage work


Keith says: “The model is a Brunetti Star-T-Rack stereo head in conjunction with a Brunetti Dual cab. The amp is 50 watts a side class AB switchable to 20 watts a side class A. It has 3 channels clean, crunch  and boost. It also has an "edge" which can be applied to boost volume or add a little more drive if required. The cab has a pair of 100 watt Jensen Classics and is wired for stereo use.  I am quite excited to have found this gear as there is so much stuff out there to choose from. Dare I say it we are in Matamp sound territory! It will be interesting to see how people react to the equipment as a lot of our fans are gear heads and players.”

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