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No Easy Road - Book Preview #1

FEB 23 2012

At the time of writing, the finishing touches are being put to Martin Turner's autobiography No Easy Road - My Life and Times With Wishbone Ash and beyond.This project has been a massive undertaking, worked on over a two year period, and we are nearly ready to launch. The book is packed with anecdotes and tales from all stages of Martin's life, from childhood, through early band line-ups, the successes of Wishbone Ash, right up to the present day. The main narrative is by Martin himself, told in his own words, while there are also contributions from key figures in the story. We have also unearthed some amazing archive photo material from Martin's personal collection and guarantee there will be material here that even the most committed fan will not have seen. Ted Turner has also kindly provided a foreword for the book, looking back fondly on the musical partnership and friendship he and Martin have enjoyed over the years.


As we prepare for launch, we are pleased to offer a series of previews of the book.


These will be in the form of edited extracts, provided as a taste of what's to come (and, no, we're not giving any juicy bits away!!!). These previews will appear regularly on the site over the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back for the next instalment.


Today, Martin talks about his early exposure to music within the Turner household....


The very earliest childhood memories I can recall are connected with music. As a young child, I grew up surrounded by music. My mother had been a singer and dancer who, with her mother who played piano, used to go out to entertain the troops during the Second World War. We would often walk over to my grandmother’s house, a couple of miles away. She had a nice house with a piano in the front room. While everyone else was chatting in the kitchen or lounge, I’d often slither off into the back room, where I knew the piano was. I must have been about three years old at the time and I would sit at the piano. I had no idea what I was doing, but I’d tinkle away making up tunes for hours on end. I’d be in a trance, making up little tunes. I was in my own fantasy world, fuelled by the music I was making. It probably sounded like a bunch of twaddle, but I’d let my imagination run free and I loved the opportunity to be creative and get lost in music. My other grandmother – my father’s mother – also played piano and we often used to have a song and dance with her as well.


My Dad didn’t play an instrument but he was a complete and utter music nut. He had a radiogram – a bloody great piece of furniture with big speakers – and he would play music at a very loud volume. I must have picked up this from him because I still do the same thing at my home. We’d skip and dance around the house, playing the same tunes over and over again – it was brilliant. My father used to play all kinds of music – opera, country, rock ‘n’ roll, be-bop, jazz, classical. I can remember when it got too cold to go out we would sit there with a fire burning and classical music playing, and gradually the light would die away and I’d be sat there with my Dad listening to Mozart or Tchaikovsky. It’s quite unusual really for a small lad to be able to do that. I just loved the mental freedom to be able to respond naturally to all the emotions that came to me through the music. It was wonderful and since then I’ve always been very open to all kinds of music. In our house it was music, music, music – all the time.  When I was a little older, Mum encouraged me to go to the local church and join the choir, which I was a little bit iffy about. I did it and that kind of got me over my shyness. I really enjoyed it and to this day I still love religious music and classical music.

Live Dates Vol.2

FEB 22 2012

Wishbone Ash's Live Dates Vol. 2 is slated for release in America on the 27thMarch 2012. This is subject to approvals. is pleased to announce the first official re-release of Live Dates Vol. 2 in the American territory.This title was released on vinyl in 1980, but has never been released on CD outside of Japan. Over the years there has been many rumours and pirateversions, however, this title has been confirm as legitimately licensed from Universal and will be re-released by Real Gone Music.


Real Gone Music Co-President Gordon Anderson said “It was a thrill to getthe rights from Universal to release the full two discs in a gatefold cardboard sleeve edition.”

Life Begins CD now in stock

FEB 21 2012

We are pleased to announce that Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's Life Begins 2CD, featuring the band's entire concert at Leicester Y Theatre in March 2010 - the audio counterpart to the previously released DVD - is now available to purchase online and at MTWA shows.

MTWA alumni on cancer charity CD

FEB 21 2011

Keith Buck, Rob Hewins and Ray Hatfield and assorted musical friends appear on Out Of The Blue, a Cancer charity release featuring the voice of one of Keith's longtime musical friends Paul 'Ginty' Johnson.


Here is the album background from the release's official site...


Paul Johnson is undoubtedly one of the best voices you never heard. Often likened to Paul Rodgers in style. Known as "Ginty", this unassuming former miner packed the pubs and clubs of the UK since 1971, fronting various top rock bands. For almost two decades, as one half of red hot duo, The Johnson Brothers. House-full signs a regular sight. Alongside "brother" Keith Buck, close friend for over 40 years and ex-Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash axe man. Vastly experienced, internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist.


The Johnson Brothers CD, Out Of The Blue is surprisingly the debut recording by a man who is quite simply, a world class vocalist. If you have seen him on stage, you’ll know. Take a listen to any one of the 15 tracks, and you’ll surely agree. Recorded over a ten year span, a magnificent selection of The Johnson Brothers’ personal favourites, from an extensive repertoire of rockin’ classics − with light and shade from some beautifully crafted acoustic numbers too. Former MT’s Wishbone Ash drummer Rob Hewins, worked audio miracles in the studio. Seamlessly gluing the various vocals together, (recorded in many different places over a decade), with a myriad of overdubs, midnight oil and technical skill graft. A recording engineer’s nightmare. Rob and Keith dedicated the best part of nine months to bring this project to fruition, with stunning results. A small, but perfectly formed team of major league musicians − Keith’s close pals and colleagues − gave their skills free of charge. Building upon the solid foundation of Bucky’s magnificent playing, and Ginty’s powerful vocals. Additional professional friends and associates drafted in on a voluntary basis, to add the final pieces of the jigsaw, creating not only a great sounding, but also a great looking album. Sold in aid of two national cancer charities.


Keith’s late father Cecil, lost his life to the terrible disease in Feb 2006. Then shockingly and literally out of the blue, Ginty was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January 2011. Plans for the duo to tour overseas were halted. The recording project then took on a new meaning and urgency. Both Ginty and Mr Buck senior, worked down the pit together in Measham. Macmillan helped Ginty and Keith’s father. It goes without saying, the 2nd charity to benefit is doing vital work to find a cure. After costs of printing and CD manufacture, 100% of the proceeds will be donated equally between the two charities. Ginty’s message is simple: "No sadness. No tears. Just remember the happy times we had in many places, and the making of new friends along the way. Enjoy these songs as much as we did playing them together."


Keith echoes his musical mate: "It is all about great music, great times and great memories. This CD absolutely captures the emotion of what we were about, our influences, our love of these songs, and the special bond we had as a duo and as friends." The Johnson Brothers played their first gig in March 1993, and their last ever gig on Sunday 23rd January 2011. Sadly, they have unplugged the gear forever, but they will always live on in these 15 wonderful tracks. Thanks for the memories boys....... wishes everyone involved every success with this project and urges all Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash fans to purchase this release - support Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK and hear some great performances in the process!  


FEB 21 2012

Another review of Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's appearance at the Rock 'n' Blues Festival in Skegness. This one is from Mark Taylor at



Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash played a set full of prime Wishbone Ash classics. Opening with the masterful 'The King Will Come' the band soon had everyone's attention. 'Lady Jay' was a welcome addition to the set and 'Rock 'n Roll Widow' had a slower intro sung by Danny Wilson, before the track found it's groove. I did feel the clowning around antics of the guitarists takes your mind away from the beauty of the songs at times, with Ray Hatfield in particular dressed up and acting like the office joker from the local Barclays branch. However no one can argue with the quality of the music and a three track encore of my fave 'Sometime World', 'Living Proof' and the bluesy 'Jail Bait' was sublime.

MTWA shows attract warm reviews

FEB 9 2012

As Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash begins its 2012 season of touring, the band's live shows are already attracting warm reviews from the media. Reviewing the Rock 'n' Blues event in Skegness, Classic Rock journalist Dave Ling writes:


"The leader of the next attraction took to the stage sporting what looked like a pair of pyjamas made from a ghastly old patchwork quilt. Luckily, what Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash might lack in sartorial elegance was cloaked by the sheer elegance of their music. Now beginning to reap the rewards of being among the circuit’s hardest working groups, the quartet no longer play the celebrated 1972 album, ‘Argus’, in its entirety. The introduction of catalogue gems such as ‘Lady Jay’ from ‘There’s The Rub’ and the ‘Just Testing’ album’s ‘Lifeline’ has freshened things up no end, and the lustre of golden oldies ‘The King Will Come’, ‘Front Page News’, ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Widow’ and ‘Blowin’ Free’ refuses to fade with age. Had their encore of ‘Sometime World’, ‘Living Proof’ and ‘Jailbait’ included the epic ‘Phoenix’ they’d have got a [9] from me, but an [8/10] will have to suffice."

Robbie France

JAN 16 2012

It is with great sadness that we have to report that former Wishbone Ash drummer Robbie France passed away on January 14th 2012.


Robbie France enjoyed a long and varied career that aside from his drumming work with bands such as UFO, Diamond Head, Wishbone Ash, Ellis, Beggs and Howard, Skunk Anansie and Alphaville, also included noted work as a drum teacher, drum clinician, journalist, novelist and broadcaster.


In more recent years, Robbie had relocated to Spain where he concentrated on his broadcasting and writing work, publishing his first novel Six Degrees South in December 2011. Robbie had also recently returned to drumming following an injury to his Achilles tendon in the 1990's that had prevented him from drumming for a lengthy period.


Robbie performed with Wishbone Ash on its Autumn 1990 UK tour, as well as playing on three tracks on 1991's Strange Affair album - 'Dream Train', 'Renegade' and 'Hard Times'.


Martin Turner remembers fondly Robbie's contribution to Wishbone Ash:


"I seem to remember Robbie France being a Miles Copeland suggestion. When we auditioned Robbie it was obvious that he was mind-bogglingly good, as well as being a very nice chap – friendly, amusing, funny, very likeable and easy to work with. Robbie’s style was jazzier than what we were used to but he did a great job recording some of the songs on Strange Affair. We loved Robbie as a person and he was a very impressive drummer. I am sad to hear of his passing and would like to pass on my condolences to his family."


Click here for footage of Robbie France filmed for an instructional video, as featured on his You Tube channel.

Christmas Message From Martin Turner

DEC 21 2011

What a Year, 2011.


A bad year for dictators. A good year for music and love. It continues to amaze me (a) how the music we created in the seventies now seems to possess a timeless quality, and (b) second generation kids who have grown up listening to Wishbone Ash with their parents, are coming along to the shows as well.


So, goodbye 2011 - an Arab Spring, Summer riots, autumn austerity and winter currency malady. And Benton of course. Benton!!!


Goodbye Gadhafi, Bin Laden, and Kim Jong-Il. Hell will be a busier place this Christmas.


Dear old Chelski languishing in 4th place as I write. Decried by some as being past their prime, they still bring me and the vast majority of Chelsea fans an intense pleasure and pride.


Thank Goodness we still have music to bring us peace and perspective. Music is a universal constant, the ultimate freedom of choice. In 2011, the 40th anniversary of Pilgrimage, I have been lucky enough to visit new places and meet more and more of you, to whom Wishbone Ash music means so much. After every show I make a point of talking to people who have followed our musical fortunes from the seventies, or in increasing numbers, more recent converts.I have enjoyed meeting old friends this year too. I have particularly enjoyed appearing on the same bill as artists we played alongside in the seventies.


As I say, the ultimate freedom of choice.


When I revisited the stage in 2005, many of you expected that it would be for a short tour, perhaps a couple of festivals. I remember notifying my old mates and colleagues in the industry, early 2005, following my realisation that a reunion of core members was unlikely, that we were forming Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash as a vehicle to revisit and revitalise the soundtrack of my youthful creativity. It is humbling that as we approach our 7th year, and as I approach my mid sixties, the band is in increasing demand, with the biggest UK diary that we have known, tours of Europe in the book, offers from new continents to consider, AND of course the 40th anniversary of Argus to promote. Having learnt over the years to appreciate every day for what it is (as opposed to what it isn’t), I reflect with amazement that I have the same fire in my belly now as I did in the mid sixties (and not just single malt!!!). It is an absolute joy to get into the band’s sprinter van and schlepp up and down the motorways of the UK and Europe. With my band members, Ray, Danny and Dave, plus Mick on knobs and faders, we have a ball from the minute we awake, each day and each gig filled with love, humour and positivity which we also notice reflected in our audiences.


All of this interest in the music I love.


In addition to my other loves - my extended family. I am so lucky to have the strength and support of a huge family - my wonderful wife Susie, six children and nine Grandchildren, all of whom bring miracles to my life on a daily basis. I am so fortunate to be a hands-on husband, parent and grandparent, sharing the emotions and roller coasters, not to say ironing boards of life with those with whom so much love is shared and reciprocated. I make no apology for devoting time to my family that forty years ago may have been spent in a studio.


I am also very fortunate to have a strong support team of friends and old mates in the industry to encourage me. Martin Darvill has been there from the beginning, with the dozen or so in the UK QEDG team plus Ellie and Phil in the USA, Don McKay as agent, plus the guys at the labels, lawyers, designers, merchandisers, numerous promoters who have become personal friends, road teams, my friends Storm and Po at Hipgnosis and the rest of my business contacts who have done so much to enable me to play a few songs to those who have chosen in ever increasing numbers to come and recapture some fond memories.


To those of you who egg me on to record new music and take on more musical challenges, I can only say “yes” it is very close to the top of my list of personal wishes and we took some tentative steps this year, but the band’s live work and the time I devote to my family will always take priority.


I have worked with my long time friend Gary Carter, to write my memoirs, and that has been a cathartic process, recalling the great times we had when we formed Empty Vessels, and then Wishbone Ash, the comic and cosmic moments and the sheer audacity of four young guys sharing determination, loyalty, passion and a winning hand. To Andy, Ted and Steve I once again relay my fond memories, my love and respect. Together with Laurie, we created passion and art, from a blank canvas we created our own musical tapestries and shared these with millions of you. We had enough confidence and resolve to empathise with those of you who reflected our music with your own love and passion for our music. We had our critics and snipers. We still do. But even in the naivety and innocence of our late teens and early twenties, we had learnt the first and major rule in music, which I have always applied to life itself, and that is to harness our strengths and love and not be distracted by those who have little passion in their lives, other than criticising the creative paths of others - those who like to see bad in everything they see, who analyse negatively in depth every word or action. Man, look at the mint not the hole.

More than ever, it is not a good time for petty differences. Live and let live.


Our mantra remains to see love and good in everything we do and we take strength in this regard from our audiences, many of whom regale with joy the impact that Wishbone Ash music has had on their lives – backdrops to the life changing times, comforting during the bad times and inspiring the good times. It is a humbling experience to realise that our songs have been played at weddings, births, funerals, revision for exams, during intensely personal moments of passion, and so often throughout so many lives. People we have inspired without ever meeting. That is truly overwhelming to me.


That is what music is about. A unifier, a source of love and passion, a stimulus, a joy. The creation of something positive from something invisible. As we move forward to another New Year, it is once again with excitement and opportunity.


A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of you, especially to the millions of Wishbone Ash fans who have bought the records and have seen the shows since we took those first tentative steps in 1970. We may see life and music from different perspectives but that which unites us is far greater than that which divides us. Let’s try to see the good in all of us. I look forward to seeing you on the road in 2012.


Martin Turner

Martin Turner Salford City Radio Interview

DEC 8 2011

Martin Turner is interviewed tonight on Rich Davenport's Rock Show on Salford City Radio between 7-8pm.


From Friday 9th December the interview will be available to listen again

No Easy Road - Tour and Autobiography for Spring 2012

NOV 6 2011

We are pleased to be able to reveal Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash’s touring plans for 2012


The band’s Spring 2012 dates will carry the banner No Easy Road - Live Dates 2012 and follow hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed Life Begins and Live Dates 2011 tours. These shows will focus on material from the classic eras of Wishbone Ash, featuring stage favourites mixed with classic album tracks, as Martin Turner further explores the extensive Wishbone Ash catalogue.


Coinciding with the tour Martin Turner publishes, for the first time, his personal memoirs in the autobiographical book No Easy Road – My Life and Times with Wishbone Ash, documenting the defining years of one of the UK’s best loved rock bands as well as his personal life journey within music. The story is told in unprecedented detail, leaving no stone unturned – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! No Easy Road is packed with anecdotes from both the road and the recording studio with Martin Turner’s candid style of storytelling making it an essential fly on the wall insight into the inner workings of an internationally successful rock band.


Watch this space!

Life Begins CD

NOV 6 2011

Due to popular demand, Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash’s highly acclaimed concert at Leicester Y Theatre in March 2010, as featured on the Life Begins DVD, will be released in its entirety on 2CD within the coming weeks. Featuring a full live rendition of Argus as well as a selection of other career highlights, Life Begins is the definitive document of Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash in concert.

Martin Turner on Keith Emerson

NOV 6 2011

Martin Turner was interviewed this week at Liscombe Park studios as part of a documentary about Keith Emerson’s life.

He discussed Wishbone Ash’s appearance at The Oval Cricket Ground with ELP, when both bands were multi winners at the 1972 Melody Maker Awards Ceremony.


Also on the agenda, amongst several recollections of how Mart and Keith’s life intertwined, were recollections of The Marquee Club told in Mart’s inimitable style.


The documentary is expected to air late 2012.

Autumn Tour Underway

OCT 10 2011

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's Autumn 2011 touring period is now underway, with several UK shows already completed. The band has delighted audiences with a revamped set list that includes several returning favourites as well as two WA Mk.1 songs never before performed by MTWA. A four song acoustic set is also featured.


The shows performed to date have featured selection from the following playlist.


Standing In The Rain; Living Proof; The King Will Come; Front Page News; The Pilgrim; Warrior; Throw Down The Sword

Time Was (intro, acoustic); Lady Jay (acoustic); Broken Down House (acoustic); Valediction (acoustic); Blind Eye; Haunting Me; Lifeline; Sometme World; Blowin' Free; Persephone; No Easy Road; Jailbait

More shows for 2011/12

SEP 15 2011

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash completed the first leg of its Live Dates 2011 tour this past weekend in front of a capacity crowd at Hessle Town Hall, near Hull.


Touring resumes in Penrith on 29 September, kicking off the tour's second leg, when the band will unveil a revamped set list.


New shows for 2011/12 continue to be added to the tour dates page. As usual MTWA fans are treated to the "best of both worlds" with a choice of a range of headlining shows that give the band the opportunity to perform the lengthy sets of both well known and lesser played tracks that the most ardent fans enjoy, as well as some high profile package shows which allow the band to tread some of the UK's most iconic stages with some esteemed artists - a reflection of the continuing respect afforded by the industry to Martin Turner.


These appearances include prestigious shows at Glasgow Academy and Sheperd's Bush Empire, London, as special guests of Argent, following hot on the heels of upcoming appearances as special guests of Uriah Heep in Wolverhampton and Brighton this December.

Dave Wagstaffe plays Natal

SEP 6 2011

We are pleased to announce that Dave Wagstaffe is now playing Natal drums, as supplied by Marshall.


With thanks to Paul Marshall at Natal/Marshall for thier artist deal.

MTWA on Old Grey Whistle Test

AUG 25 2011

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's live session for BBC Radio 2's Old Grey Whistle Test 40 celebratory series has now aired. "The King Will Come" aired last night as part of the first programme in the series, whole due to time restraints in the programme, "Lady Jay" was broadcast last Sunday on the Bob Harris programme. Both songs can be heard on the BBC iplayer for up to 7 days after the original programme. 

For Bass Players Only - Interview

AUG 4 2011

A brand new interview with Martin Turner, conducted this Summer by Jon Liebman, can be found at For Bass Players Only website.

From Santana to Uriah Heep

JULY 21 2011

Following Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash's special guest slots with Santana for the Lovely Days and Clam Rock festivals, and next weekend’s guesting with Jethro Tull, we are now delighted to confirm that MTWA will be special guests of Uriah Heep at Wolverhampton Civic Wulfrun Hall on December 1 and Brighton Centre on December 3.

Ted Turner to appear with MTWA at Upton Festival

JULY 18 2011

We are pleased to announce that Ted Turner will once again join Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash on stage for a UK festival appearance. Following hot on the heels of last Summer’s celebrated High Voltage appearance, Ted will appear with the band for several Wishbone Ash classics at the Upton festival on 27 August 2011.


Martin Turner says “I am always more than happy to share the stage with my former band-mates and it is always a great pleasure to spend time with Ted both on and off stage.”

Old Grey Whistle Test

JULY 18 2011

The legendary BBC series Old Grey Whistle Test makes a return this Summer in the form of a 16-part Radio 2 series. The programmes, which mark the 40th anniversary of the legendary television show, will feature archive performances as well as new sessions from many of the artists associated with the original programme, which the original Wishbone Ash line-up appeared on in 1971.


Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash is one of many acts to have recorded a live session for the new series, laying down live performances of “The King Will Come” and “Lady Jay” as well as chatting to Bob Harris at the BBC’s studios last month. Other acts who have contributed include Elton John, Greg Lake, Roger Daltrey and many other big names.


Presenter Bob Harris says: "Making this series for Radio 2 is proving to be a heart-warming and exciting experience. It is wonderful to discover the affection so many of the artists still have for the Old Grey Whistle Test - big-name stars whose careers the programme supported in their early days. It's a massive reunion, featuring superstars of British and American music. We are re-creating the ethos of the original shows, featuring amazing new performances, interviews and archive in a gloriously musical atmosphere. Whether you remember the original programmes or not, Old Grey Whistle Test 40 is simply a must-listen for all serious music fans.


Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash’s appearance will air on 24 August 2011

Thousands enjoy MTWA opening for Santana

JULY 18 2011

Last weekend Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash enjoyed appearances at prestigious festivals in Austria – opening for the legendary Santana at the Lovely Days and Clam Rock festivals, where the band’s performances were enjoyed by several thousand highly appreciative music fans.


The band now looks forward to its remaining UK and European summer festival appearances before the Autumn period of touring kicks off with a major European tour as well as several UK dates.

Linton Festival Sold Out

JUNE 16 2011

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's appearance at the Linton Festival, Ross-on-Wye has been declared a sell-out by the event promoters.

MTWA fans should be aware that tickets will not be available on the gate.

Jazz Cafe - a unique evening of Wishbone Ash music

MAY 26 2011

Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash music, acoustic and unplugged.


This is how Wishbone Ash music was written and rehearsed. The folk roots and mystical, emotional lyrics are emphasised in this style.


The entire first set at the Jazz Café will be acoustic. Following a rapturous reception at the British acoustic festival, there has been a clamour from fans for MTWA to repeat the performance


So, for the entire first set on Tuesday 31st May, your favourite Wishbone Ash songs receive a refreshing new treatment which has overwhelmed Wishbone Ash fans – audience members have been enchanted and astonished by this treatment of some of their favourite songs. You will be charmed by "Lady Jay", enthralled by "The King Will Come" and will sing along to "Ballad of the Beacon" as well as other Ash hits reworked and breathing new life.


The 2nd half of the show will be an ALL ROCK set.

Sounds For Sendai Update

MAY 18 2011

VIP tickets for the Sound For Sendai concert, headlined by Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, are now being offered through the official event website. These which will entitle you to preferential seating in the VIP area and a complimentary drink along with the chance for a meet and greet with the bands at the end of the night.


We can also reveal one of the exclusive prizes that is up for grabs in the auction which is being held on the night. This is a one off custom built Marshall Class 5 amp, which carries the Sounds For Sendai graphic to commemorate the event and comes signed by Jim Marshall.


If you do not yet have a ticket for Sounds for Sendai, we urge you to book immediately, as it is reported that less than 100 tickets remain and these are expected to sell during the days leading up to the event. We cannot guarantee tickets being available on the door, so advise you to book now.


Sounds For Sendai Planet Rock Coverage

MAY 12 2011

Leading UK classic rock station Planet Rock has posted a plug for the upcoming Sounds For Sendai charity event, headlined by Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash.


Click here to view the page.

Stray added to Jazz Cafe bill

MAY 5 2011

We can confirm that Stray have been added to the bill for Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's upcoming show at the Jazz Cafe, London on 31 May 2011.

Worthing show to include acoustic set

MAY 5 2011

We are pleased to announce that Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's performance in Worthing on 20 May 2011 will be a half-acoustic show, as the band gears up for its appearance at the Acoustic Festival of Britain in Uttoxeter the following day.


Don't miss this opportunity to see Martin and band performing acoustic interpretations of Wishbone Ash classics for the very first time.

David "Kid" Jensen to host Sounds For Sendai

MAY 5 2011

We are delighted to announce that legendary radio and television presenter David "Kid" Jensen will be hosting the forthcoming "Sounds For Sendai" event which is headlined by Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash. He will also host the charity auction at the event.

David was an early supporter of Wishbone Ash dating back to his days at Radio Luxembourg when the early Wishbone Ash albums were regular fixtures on his playlist.

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