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What's In a Name?

JUNE 20 2006

I have reviewed the comments posted on Andy’s site in the light of the press release on this site and would like to spell out my position on things.


The general feeling amongst Wishbone Ash fans seems to be that they can see the common sense of my use of my name with the name of Wishbone Ash. A few people have been a bit negative.


My wish is to work with my live band to bring Wishbone Ash material to the widest possible audience and I am very happy to do this alongside Andy’s band and on the basis that, as a matter of practicality, until agreement is made otherwise, Andy’s band can use Wishbone Ash, and I will use Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash.


The gentleman’s agreement was just that and was intended to allow for a period of experimentation. For reasons that our site has made clear, that experiment did not work. “Wishbone” with whatever stuck on it sounds like a tribute band. My band is not a tribute band. The live scene was confused by the name. I took my time to assess things and consulted with business partners, my manager and lawyers experienced in the ins and out of band name law.


There is no confusion in the two co-existing names, both of which convey authenticity. I have no interest in an argument with Andy about which band is more original and am very happy for each performing band to be judged on its own merit. From my point of view, the competition should be healthy and respectful.


I have positive and happy memories of the formative years of the band and the making of several very successful albums. The true reputation of Wishbone Ash was built by those albums and the band members that wrote, recorded and performed the material at the time, something which the majority of the band’s fans seem to appreciate. There never were any arrangements made over the band’s name and goodwill in so far as band members went their separate ways and this remains a loose end that could do with being sorted out. In the meantime I understand that no member of the original line-up on the seminal 70’s albums has a better claim to the name than any other.


The reputation of the original band obviously carries on in the continued healthy sales of the original records. Those sales are to life-long fans, word of mouth or accidental discoverers of the band, and, of course, people who see live performances of the catalogue by current live line-ups. These performances should all help to sustain sales of the original catalogue but we need to remember why these current line ups are able to perform successfully in the first place.


It has been established that both Andy and I have lawful websites using the name. What we and other interested parties still need to sort out is a proper agreement between all concerned for use of the name and goodwill of Wishbone Ash, which is founded firmly in the original and continuing success of band recordings, and which is promoted by the activities of current live bands, which, of course, enjoy reputations of their own. I believe that we all have a duty to each other for our mutual benefit to protect and enhance our interests in the name and goodwill of Wishbone Ash and to make sure that the live work which occurs complimentary to the original recordings gives fans what they want whilst not misleading or confusing anyone.

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash

MAY 31 2006

Martin Turner, founder member of Wishbone Ash and its original lead vocalist and driving force, will resume touring with his band Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash.


Martin’s name will feature as part of the band’s name to distinguish it from the band using the name Wishbone Ash under the leadership of Andy Powell. Although there is legally no reason for Andy to have exclusive use of the name “Wishbone Ash” (by itself), Martin is happy for his name to be used to distinguish the two bands, both of which attract interest from Wishbone Ash fans. This will continue to be the case as long as interested members of the original line up are in communication with a view to agreeing arrangements for the use of the name Wishbone Ash by any member of the original group.


Wishbone featuring Martin Turner did not prove popular with fans or sectors of the entertainment industry, and caused confusion all round. We trust that the loyal and enthusiastic fans of Wishbone Ash will enjoy the performances of both bands performing Wishbone Ash material.

Ian Copeland

MAY 26 2005

Martin Turner and wish to express their condolences following the death of Ian Copeland, brother of Miles and Stewart. He was a good friend of Wishbone Ash and all those who knew him will be sad at his passing.

A book of remembrance has been set up at

Blue Bishops update

APRIL 21 2006

So as to allow Martin Turner the opportunity to devote 100% of his creative energies to Wishbone projects, Martin and The Blue Bishops have decided at this point to go their separate ways.


Speaking about his time with the Bishops, Martin says: "I have always enjoyed working with the Blue Bishops. After initially being interested mainly in recording the band, I started 'guesting' with them and after quite a few years, I feel I owe them a 'thank you'  for having got me back into playing live. Having always wanted to return to Wishbone Ash in some form, I feel I now have left the launchpad and look forward to an interesting journey. I would like to wish Geoff, Simon and Justin of the Bishops every success for the future."


By return, the Bishops state "while we are sad to see Martin go, we wish him loads of luck and understand his need to complete a project that's been close to his heart for a long time."


Martin can be seen once again with the Blue Bishops throughout May 2006, as well as a couple of other key appearances this year (see tour dates page for details). For all other appearances, new bassist Jim Rodford (Argent, Kinks, Zombies, etc) will take over.  Martin will then concentrate on Wishbone projects, which include completing mixing of the live album from the February 2006 dates as well writing and recording a new studio album, in addition to previously announced tour plans.

More Live Dates for 2006

MAR 29 2006

Due to overwhelming public demand following the An Evening of Wishbone Ash Music UK tour during February, Martin and the band will be back for further shows this year. There will be a select series of shows throughout the Summer, this to be followed by a more comprehensive UK tour later in the year. Please check our tour dates page for the latest additions to the datesheet. Further dates will be announced over the coming weeks. Don't forget to join our mailing list to be sure of receving the latest updates (send blank e-mail to


We also wish to state that only information that appears on this website should be considered confirmed and we ask fans to bear this in mind before considering and discussing "announcements" that appear elsewhere. In their enthusiasm to publicise their events, promoters do have a tendency to release information ahead of schedule and before all details have been finalised. Please be aware that the only dates which have been confirmed by Martin Turner, his management and agency are those that appear on

Live Album Coming Soon

MAY 28 2006

We can exclusively reveal that Martin Turner has recently started mixing live recordings from the An Evening of Wishbone Ash Music UK tour for a forthcoming double CD. It is too early to give any further information, but intentions are for the album to be released to coincide with the band's tour later in 2006.

Ted Turner

FEB 9 2006

In response to a rumour that Ted Turner is to join Wishbone featuring Martin Turner on stage at their Birmingham show, can confirm that Ted will indeed be guesting with the band for a couple of songs. 


Wishbone featuring Martin Turner has an open door policy as regards appearances by other Wishbonian musicians. However, as such appearances should be seen as a spontaneous moment and a bonus for those fans in attendance on the night, we had refrained from making any official statement, preferring to keep the appearance a surprise (and thus avoiding any disappointment should any unforeseen circumstances prevent it from happening) . However, as an unauthorised "announcement" has already been made elsewhere, we have pleasure in confirming Ted's planned appearance.


Don't miss this opportunity to see Martin and Ted onstage together for the first time in nearly 15 years!

An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music with Wishbone featuring Martin Turner - On Tour Feb 2006

JAN 27 2006

An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music with WISHBONE Featuring MARTIN TURNER on tour - February 2006


November/December 2005 saw the long awaited return of Wishbone Ash founding member Martin Turner to the live stage. On 28 November a packed Measham WMC witnessed the public dress rehearsal of Wishbone featuring Martin Turner performing An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music. The following week, on 3 December, the band made its “official” live debut at Boom Boom Live in Sutton, Surrey. Enthusiastic audiences warmly welcomed Martin Turner back to the live arena, as he performed one Wishbone classic after another, with several surprises thrown in for good measure.


The shows were met with a unanimous “thumbs up” from the Wishbone Ash faithful:


“Martin was in fantastic form! I'm sure this band surpassed everyone's hopes and expectations. The twin harmonies were spot on. Rob's drumming was outstanding. Martin was just supreme. That bass and Martin's overall performance a total joy to behold. This band will get better and better. The vocal harmonies worked very well and helped to give the songs more depth. Keith really is nailing Laurie's licks incredibly well. Ray has a fantastic feel to his playing which does justice to Andy Powell's licks. Roll on the tour in the very near future as this will build this fantastic band into a really successful unit. Martin has got a winner here.” 


“The best thing was hearing those bass-lines again. Martin you certainly haven’t lost your touch. Good to hear a few songs live for the first time.”  


“The show was a stormer and the band did more than justice to the songs, many of which I thought I would never again have the privilege to witness live on stage. Martin’s in fine voice and the interplay of his bass with the guitars was a joy.”


“MT and band exceeded all expectations. The band were spot on with just the right feel for Wishbone Ash music. If this was a rehearsal then we can expect GREAT things from this band in future.”


“Wishbone featuring Martin Turner are better than anyone could ever have expected—the best performances of WA classics outside of the Mk.1/2 line-ups. It was quite simply the music as it is supposed to be heard”.


“Martin and band blew us all away. They really were first rate. The two guitarists were incredibly polished and of first division quality.”


“Wishbone featuring Martin Turner delivered the best Wishbone show I have seen since 1980 - and yes, that includes the original reformed band and definitely anything since, and the best set list any Wishbone has played. Whoever would have thought we would hear and see Martin in such prominent form again - not just coming to the fore for the occasional harmony with Andy or Ted like in the reformation days, but truly at the centre of the action like he used to be in the 70’s. As a bassist his talents are undiminished, but it was his vocals which took me by such surprise. There was a quality and range to his voice that was such a joy to hear as he belted out songs which I thought were possibly out of reach for him now. In songs like ‘Silver Shoes’ he really pushed himself to the max, with no holding back.”


“I think these guys can be taken seriously on their own merits. I thought Keith was a brilliant player and loved the way he and Ray seemed to interact with no apparent effort.”


“Best gig this year, probably this century. Took me back 30 years, can’t believe how good it was to hear those songs sung by the master. I always loved the soul edge in Mart’s voice.”


“The voice is back, and firing on all six.” 



Following the success of its initial two shows, Wishbone featuring Martin Turner return to UK stages during February 2006.


As an example of what you may hear at the February shows, the set list performed at the two shows last year has been described as a "Wishbone Ash/Martin Turner fans dream" and featured the following tracks:


Doctor; Blind Eye; Runaway; Lorelei; Walking The Reeperbahn; Outward Bound; Persephone; Front Page News; Baby The Angels Are Here; Warrior; Lifeline; Silver Shoes; Cosmic Jazz; Diamond Jack; Master Of Disguise; Say Goodbye; FUBB; Come In From The Rain; Living Proof; Blowin Free; The King Will Come; Jailbait


Definitely a show no self respecting Wishbone Ash or Martin Turner fan will want to miss, we are sure you'll agree! Go to the respective venue website links above to book your tickets NOW!


Recordings will be made during the UK tour for a possible live album for release later in 2006.

New Wishbone dates announced for 2006

Dec 8 2005



Following the overwhelming success of their two recent live appearances, Wishbone featuring Martin Turner will be touring An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music across the UK during February 2006.  Dates are still being finalised, but those penciled in so far can be found on our tour dates page.  Regular updates to the schedule will be made as dates are finalised over the coming weeks.

Wishbone featuring Martin Turner triumph in Measham

NOV 28 2005

Last night a packed Measham WMC witnessed the world premiere of Wishbone featuring Martin Turner performing An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music. An enthusiastic audience gave Martin Turner a warm welcome back to the live stage, as he performed one Wishbone classic after another, with several surprises thrown in for good measure.


The set list:


  • Doctor

  • Blind Eye

  • Runaway

  • Lorelei

  • Walking The Reeperbahn

  • Outward Bound

  • Persephone

  • Front Page News

  • Baby The Angels Are Here

  • Warrior

  • Lifeline.

  • Silver Shoes

  • Cosmic Jazz

  • Diamond Jack

  • Master of Disguise

  • Say Goodbye

  • F.U.B.B.

  • Come In From The Rain

  • Living Proof

  • Blowin' Free

  • The King Will Come

  • Jailbait



Martin, Keith, Ray and Rob wish to thank everyone who showed their support by attending the Measham "dress rehearsal", some people having travellled considerable distance on such a cold, frosty evening.

Don't miss the opportunity to catch the only other performance of An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music before the end of the year, when Wishbone featuring Martin Turner appear at Boom Boom Live, Sutton Utd FC, Surrey on Saturday 3 December. We understand tickets for this show are selling fast, so urge you to reserve yours on 01784 460094 to avoid disappointment

An Evening of Classic Wishbone Ash Music with Wishbone featuring Martin Turner

NOV 12 2005

It is now just three weeks before WISHBONE featuring MARTIN TURNER makes its official live debut at Boom Boom Live in Sutton, Surrey on 3 December 2005 to perform AN EVENING of CLASSIC WISHBONE ASH MUSIC.  Don't forget to telephone the ticket line on 01784 460094 to reserve your tickets.


As we count down the days to Martin Turner's long-awaited and much anticipated return to the live stage, we are pleased to be able to offer fans the opportunity the catch an exclusive live preview of AN EVENING of CLASSIC WISHBONE ASH MUSIC.


On 9 October 2005 the band performed an exclusive studio concert at Liscombe Park Studios, Buckinghamshire in front of a specially invited audience of family and close friends, who were treated to over two hours of vintage Wishbone Ash music, ranging from live favourites such as 'Lifeline' and 'Front Page News', through to lesser heard gems such as 'Baby The Angels Are Here' and 'Say Goodbye' (and we haven't even mentioned the much-requested WA classic which opens the show!!!). Over twenty songs have been rehearsed so the band has an extensive repertoire to draw from.  An official photo shoot took place prior to and during the show and the results of this session will be featured on the revamped website, due to be launched on Friday 18 November 2005. 


Following on from this successful performance, WISHBONE featuring MARTIN TURNER now offer the invitation to fans and friends to attend their final dress rehearsal, where the band will play a full concert-length set in preparation for the official launch date a week later. 


The event will take place in the intimate setting of Measham WMC, High Street, Measham, Derbyshire (near Ashby-de-la-Zouch) on the evening of Sunday 27 November 2005.  Admission to this exclusive event will be at the special value price of £5 per person on the doors, which will open at 7pm approx (band onstage at 8.30pm approx).  There will also be the opportunity to meet Martin Turner and his new band after the show.


Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to catch this one-off public preview of AN EVENING of CLASSIC WISHBONE ASH MUSIC.

Important Annoincement

NOV 1 2005

Further to Martin Turner’s previously announced plans for live activity during 2005/06, we wish to announce that Martin’s new project will now operate under the revised title of WISHBONE featuring MARTIN TURNER.


While the previously announced title was chosen in the very best of faith and with only positive intentions, Martin Turner and his management are aware that it has caused some discomfort within certain sections of the Wishbone Ash family. The Wishbone Ash fans are of great importance to Martin, and it is with the fans’ interests at heart that the revision has been made. It has become clear that the name was less important than the general feel good factor, and in the interest of the entire Wishbone Ash community it was decided to embrace a positive [win-win] agenda.


In their website statement, have stated "This should be seen by all fans as a positive move, one which Andy Powell and the rest of Wishbone Ash fully endorse. They wish Martin’s return to the live stage well, as it promotes and celebrates the music of Wishbone Ash and Martin’s much valued heritage with the band. "


To avoid speculation, we wish to confirm that the above decision reflects an entirely amicable agreement between the parties. It allows for all concerned, including the legions of fans from 1970 to 2005, to move on and concentrate on what truly matters - the MUSIC.

Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - Debut Live Date Announcement

SEPT 22 2005

We are pleased to announce that Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash will make its live debut on Saturday 3 December 2005 – almost 35 years to the date on which the debut Wishbone Ash album was released (4 Dec 1970 no less!), making this a true 35th Anniversary celebration.


As Martin has already stated the show will feature a variety of songs from the band’s extensive back catalogue, focussing on material from the definitive eras of the band’s history including classic tracks as well as rarely performed gems.


The show will take place at the BoomBoom Club, Sutton, Surrey.  This intimate show will be a special one-off anniversary concert, carefully scheduled so as not to conflict with Andy Powell’s existing touring plans, and is at the moment the ONLY scheduled opportunity to catch Martin’s new line-up in action this year.  We are sure no Wishbone Ash or Martin Turner fan will want to miss this exclusive opportunity to welcome the founding original member and definitive voice of the band back to the live stage.

Message From Martin Turner

SEPT 13 2005

A couple of things I would like to say...


The sabotage of the .com site this past weekend - I can only imagine that the mind of an eleven year old was responsible and for anyone who saw its content it must have been obvious that it contained its own description of the perpetrator. It was dealt with efficiently and hopefully we will not see any repeats of such pathetic drivel.


Any suggestion that "our team" had any involvement, I refute entirely - we do not feel a need to sink to such schoolboy pranks.


Our site also went down this weekend, strangely, but we are baffled as to why, so we will not make any accusations.


On a totally different note - we would all like to applaud the England Cricket Team on a dynamite Test Series this summer which has been gripping stuff the whole way through (and I'm a football man). Australia have a fantastic team and to see heroes like Flintoff and Peiterson up against the greatness of a man like Shane Warne and come out on top really is something to behold.


There is something truly civilised about cricket, the sense of fair play, the generosity, the common-man accents - both teams were an inspiration. It brought a tear to my eye and in a world full of doom and gloom made me feel proud to be an Englishman.


Goodbye Richie Benaud


Well done Australia and Congratulations to the England Cricket Team for winning the Ashes.


Best wishesMartin Turner



Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash

SEPT 11 2005

We are now in a position to reveal exclusively that Martin Turner’s new touring and recording project will operate under the title Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash.



Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash will carry forward the classic elements associated with the definitive Wishbone Ash marks, with a particular emphasis on the melodic and creative aspects of the WA sound most closely associated with Martin Turner, this applying both to song selection for live shows and the musical direction of future recording projects.


Martin Turner has been particularly careful in choosing musicians who have a natural feel for the Wishbone Ash style and joining Martin in the new band are Keith Buck (guitar/harmony vocals), Ray Hatfield (guitar/harmony vocals), and Rob Hewins (drums/harmony vocals).



The line-up of Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash naturally includes trademark WA twin guitar work and vocal harmonies and, of course, features the definitive melodic bass guitar and signature lead vocal of Martin Turner.


Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash has been in rehearsal sessions throughout the Summer of 2005 and a have been working on a wide variety of music spanning the entire MT/WA back catalogue, naturally focussing largely on songs which were either written and/or sung by Martin.  This includes many songs which Martin has not performed in many years and some that have to date never been played onstage.


We are about to embark on an exciting chapter in the Wishbone Ash story and we encourage fans to support the activities of all WA related artists.  We appreciate that this is a matter of high emotions for some.  We are comfortable that, with the careful structuring, planning and scheduling that is presently taking place behind the scenes, Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash can co-exist peacefully alongside Andy Powell’s present incarnation of Wishbone Ash and that the two bands can compliment each other, rather than compete. 



Management Statement: Martin Turner

SEPT 5 2005

Following the demand for further information about Martin’s plans, I have decided to issue this brief statement.


I understand the thirst for knowledge, whatever the agenda.  However, I can confirm that as our overriding objective is an amicable way forward, I hope that fans will understand our desire to conclude negotiations with Andy Powell first and foremost.


Once we have taken negotiations as far as they can go, we will be quite happy to answer any reasonable concerns or worries.


As a specialist in copyright, royalty and brand issues, having collected every studio album up to “Strange Affair”, and legally representing 3 other high profile Wishbone Ash members, I was delighted to accept an invitation from Martin Turner in 2004 to help him return to the stage

I observe the rule of thumb that one must ALWAYS retain dignity, integrity, and above all honesty, when dealing with matters of high emotion that mean so much to so many.


We therefore apologise to those of you requesting information as to Martin’s definitive intentions.  There have been many reasonable concerns aired by the fans.  From set lists, to tour dates, to studio releases, to relations with Andy and the other members past and present, these are all matters which should properly be agreed in private and we are disinclined to release any definitive information while negotiations continue in good faith to set an agenda that is acceptable to both parties.


Martin DarvillQEDG ManagementBuckinghamshire, UK

A Personal Message

AUG 20 2005



Working in the rehearsal studio with my new band for the past few weeks has been an extremely rewarding experience on both a musical and personal level, with a positive vibe not unlike the early days of Wishbone Ash. Collectively we have had a great time revisiting many of the classics from the vintage days of Wishbone Ash, recreating the essence of many songs, some of which have hardly ever been performed live, and reminding us all of the diversity contained in the Wishbone Ash back catalogue. I'll be able to tell you more about the new band very soon, but suffice to say, my new colleagues have certainly inspired me. My hope is that we will be able to do the same for you.


As most of you will know, in recent years, I have remained part of the overall Wishbone Ash set-up, with various live appearances and in particular through my work in maintaining the quality of the back catalogue through remixing and remastering. I am now looking forward to taking this activity a stage further by making a return to the live arena to play and sing many of the great songs we all collaborated on and am confident that we have compiled a show that will please all true Wishbone connoisseurs.


At this point I would like to address concerns from some fans regarding what they perceive as a potential conflict of interests with Andy Powell. Whatever differences Andy or I may have had over the years pale into insignificance when compared to what we accomplished musically. You will therefore be pleased to note that we have been in discussions with Andy for several months and continue to negotiate with him with a genuine interest in reaching a mutual agreement as to how the two outfits performing Wishbone Ash music can peacefully and effectively co-exist for the benefit of all concerned. All of us - the musicians and fans, that is - have more uniting us than dividing us, so let's all concentrate on what truly matters - the MUSIC - which ultimately speaks for itself.


I could explain why I have not performed Wishbone music for so long, but that will have to wait for another day. I will just say that, like many people, I had hoped that somehow the original band (Mark 1 or 2), would somehow rise from the ashes. I have reached the conclusion that this is sadly not going to happen, so what I am doing now is, for me, the next best thing.


Some of you maybe aware of my spiritual leanings - it has become obvious to me over the last year through a great many signs that my destiny still lies with the music of Wishbone Ash - I would be a fool not to act on this now, especially as so many of the songs contain the emotional energy which has been my life. It feels very natural to play them and sing them again, and also to feel the magic they contain.


Finally, I would like to thank you all for your continued support and patience. It has taken a lot of work behind the scenes to get this project up and running, but I am sure when you hear the new band you will agree it has all been worthwhile.  Best wishes to you, and stay tuned....Martin Turner


PS  If anyone knows the whereabouts of the "Argus" flying saucer, get in touch as we need it for transport on the upcoming tour.

Martin Turner rehearses Classic Wishbone Ash

AUG 17 2005

Further to our earlier announcement that 2005/06 would see an increased level of activity from Martin Turner, we can now exclusively reveal that the past six weeks have seen Martin in intense rehearsal sessions with a new band line-up, rehearsing material covering the full span of his career to date. 

This includes authentic renditions of material from most of the classic Wishbone Ash releases (taking in albums and songs previously overlooked).  Plans are afoot for live appearances in the near future as well as new studio output for 2006.  This promises to be a stimulating project for all Martin Turner and Wishbone Ash fans.  The exact format for the project and details of the line-up of the new band will be revealed shortly and will be followed by the launch of an improved website. 


Careful consideration is being given by Martin and his management to all aspects of this project, and great effort is being made to ensure that all musical, ethical and legal aspects meet the highest professional standards.  In particular, Martin is mindful of any perceived conflict with the band which presently performs as Wishbone Ash and maintains that, with careful planning and effective communications between the parties concerned, neither project needs to be marginalised and his forthcoming activity can comfortably take place alongside that of Andy Powell, resulting in greater exposure of the Wishbone Ash brand and further musical enjoyment for the fans, therefore positively benefiting all concerned.


Watch this space for further developments...

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