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K E I T H   B U C K

Keith Buck started playing guitar a the age of ten and his early influences included Cat Stevens, Free, Eric Clapton and, of course, Wishbone Ash. Keith counts the late Paul Kossoff of Free and Wishbone Ash’s Laurie Wisefield as his all time guitar heroes.


Keith spent his early years working with various bands performing on the social club circuit, earning enough money to buy his first Gibson guitar and a Vox AC30 amp. At the age of 16, he joined a rock covers band, playing the music of band such as Wishbone Ash, Free and Thin Lizzy. Eighteen months later, Keith turned pro with a country cabaret trio. Keith Eventually progressed to a country rock band, The White River Band, which then became The Brazil Band, who played at most of the top festivals in the UK and Europe.


Around this time Keith met an old school friend, singer/songwriter Sally Barker, who was having a lot of success in Germany on the Folk/Rock scene. He joined her band playing pedal steel guitar (which he’d taken up in 1978), piano and acoustic and electric guitar. Keith stayed with Sally through most of the 90’s, playing on several highly acclaimed albums. With Sally Barker, Keith even got to support Wishbone Ash during the band’s reunion period.


In the late 90’s Keith did various projects including a stint with Alvin Stardust’s band and numerous recording sessions, playing guitar and pedal steel. Around this time Keith also toured Spain with singer David Saylor, who’d had a Platinum album in Spain.


More recently Keith played pedal steel on the UK no 1 album The Tony Christie Collection (2005).


Keith first met Martin Turner in 2003 during sessions Martin was producing for British country vocalist Lucie Diamond. Suitably impressed by Keith’s ability, Martin kept Keith’s name to the forefront of his mind when selecting musicians for a new touring band during the early part of 2005. Keith was also instrumental in bringing in Ray Hatfield on guitar and Rob Hewins on drums.


Keith remained with Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash until the Spring of 2008, when he opted for a change of course and accepted an offer to join respected Eagles tribute band Talon. He has continued with Talon to this day and also plays with Renegades Lizzy, a tribute to Thin LIzzy.


Keith's world-class guitar playing can be heard on the live albums New Live Dates Volumes 1 and 2.


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