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Tour Reviews Nov/Dec 2007

Derby, Flowerpot 2 Nov 2007


What a gig on Friday! I was told there would be new songs and I was well suprised by what the band had in store for us all, "Lady Jay", "Rest In Peace", "Lost Cause In Paradise", Nice to see the place packed. It really was a night to remember. The band played great as usual and what an atmosphere! it really seemed to bring the best out of MTWA. I'm really looking forward to my next MTWA gig which will be at Nuneaton. Well done guys for yet another unforgettable night.


Tony Clark



A great gig, and I was absolutely blown away by hearing MTWA's renditions of, "Lady Jay", "Rest In Peace" and "Everybody Needs A Friend"! A special thanks to Martin, Keith, Ray, and Rob for their warm heartfelt welcome and acknowledgements! Keep on rockin', I'd do it again given the chance!


California Dan


London, Whetstone, Bull & Butcher 3 Nov 2007


Have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support and response that MTWA received from the very enthusiastic audience. Perhaps this was partly because this gig was listed in The Guardian Guide. The Bull and Butcher was fuller than any other gig I've attended there by quite some way. MTWA topped the previous two rather low key shows I've attended (Rayners Lane, Summer 2006 & Northolt) by a large margin, they are simply going from strength to strength at present. They played two songs for an encore, and at one point I wondered whether the incredible enthusiasm (no going through the motions on this night for either audience or band) of the assembled crowd would let them leave the stage! 

Good to finally be able to meet Gary Carter doing sterling service on the merch stand. Came away with a signed poster and copy of New Live Dates, Vol. 2. I was amazed just how generous Martin was with his time to fans wanting signing merchandise. Great to talk with Keith and Ray at the end of the evening also! 

Martin is simply singing and playing at the top of his game right now, for heaven's sake don't miss them on this Winter UK Tour!

Darren Wisdom



I attended this gig with a couple of mates and have to say that I was knocked out by how good the band were. I had seen them once before at Bury earlier this year and thought they were great then, but this show was even better. This is a great venue too, nice pub with a great room at the back. Good to see Mart with a stage to himself too! 

I picked up a signed New Live Dates Vol.2, bought a T-shirt, and had a nice chat with Martin afterwards as well, so a night out (in this context anyway!) it couldn't get much better. 

Just by way of an introduction, I was a huge WA fan throughout the 70's but lost touch, along with most fans I suppose, after that. Around 12 months ago I just happened to see a copy of Pilgrimage in HMV and later that day on a whim did a search on t'interweb. So I am pretty up to speed with where things are. 

Timperley Ash 


Worthing, Half Brick 9 Nov 2007


Just back from tonights sell out gig (150 tickets sold) and the guy on the door reckoned they could have sold the same again and what a tremendous night it was. A few technical problems early on but the band really rocked tonight to a very appreciative crowd. The setlist was the same as the Flowerpot apart from Warrior in place of ENAF and seems a more balanced set in my view now. I feel lucky to have been able to walk to a venue and see my favourite band - how brilliant is that?


Chris H


Honiton, Motel 10 Nov 2007


What a good evening. Excellent concert. Martin was on great form and seemed to be really enjoying himself, bantering with the audience and generally rocking out. Highlights for me were "FUBB", "Living Proof", "Warrior", "Lady Jay" & "Blowin' Free". The band really kicked ass on those. It was just so good seeing Martin full of energy, really going for it and enjoying himself! The band really nailed the sound of the WA that created those songs. 

MTWA is definitely Martin's band, they are a great showcase for his skills and talents. I should have also said that Martin's playing was inspired (I have always liked his style, particularly the way he plays lead lines on the bass, there are similarities with Chris Squire) and I thought his voice was as good as ever, if not better. I do not mean to suggest in any way that Martin is egotistical or dominates the rest of the band, just that he, his personality and exuberance outshine the others. 

Nigel G-S



London, 100 Club 16 Nov 2007


It was great to see Mart and the band again in a decent rock venue. These guys really deserve a proper stage. Sorry but I didn't keep track of the setlist, I have to rely on others to give you that, but what a wonderful night it was. The PA was good, the lightning was good and the band was in top form. I don't think the venue completely sold out, but it was close. if you're in the area and Mart is playing there again I can only say it's worth checking it out. 

Finally a big thank you also to the band, Mart, Rob, Keith and Ray, you were as friendly as ever, getting a reception like the one that you all gave me makes it always worthwhile to come over. See you guys in Holland in March.


Willem (Blixa)



After being greeted by Martin Turner at the door we made our way into the 100 Club. My first time at this legendary London venue. A bit rough round the edges now but a great atmosphere and sound. Congrats to the sound man. Apart from one very unfortunately placed pillar the whole audience gets a good up close experience.The performance was the best I've seen yet! Playing was exceptionally tight. Martin was in great form. Vocally and bass-ically. Actually the vocal harmonies were right up in the mix. Best yet. 

Highlight was "Lady Jay". Vocally brilliant and played as well as the original. Hope it becomes a regular feature for the rest of this tour. 

Billy Auld



Lovely evening; great vibes and renewed friendships. The band duly delivered a cracking performance on the famous 100 club stage and made it a wonderful evening for us all. "Lady Jay" was my personal favourite, but there were plenty highlights - the band still generate the best, most explosive "FUBB" in living memory and "Blind Eye" was just perfect.


Keith Stoddart


A great set with some cool new introductions like "Why Don't We" and a spell-binding version of "Lady Jay" which was so welcome - I don't want it to ever leave their set. A personal highlight for me (after months of badgering M.T.) was the inclusion of the stunning "Rest In Peace" ... at last!!! And how cool was that? I'll tell you - it was probably the best live version I've heard for a good long while. The same could be said of "F.U.B.B." which sounded as fresh and dynamic as ever. The whole set was well balanced with road-tested and new outings. The sound at the 100 Club was great and I just wished the gig had been twice as long!!! Roll on my next MTWA gig - which was very nearly Nuneaton as I seriously considered getting off my train there late Saturday afternoon! But I had to get home. 

The whole band played with aplomb!!! Great guitar sounds; terrific drumming; neat harmonies; powerful vocal delivery from Mart; strong up-front bass ... just the perfect, classic Wishbone Ash sound.


Howard Johnston


After the pure spun gold that was the Whetstone gig a week or so before, my expectations were running high for this gig. In the event it proved a triumphal return for MTWA to this famous venue. Favourite song would have to be "You See Red", great vocal harmonies! Watched the band from two vantage points, first set to the right (facing the stage) of Keith Buck (if I thought that his Brunetti amps sounded good out front, well they sound even better from a few feet away - off axis). Second set I was immediately to the left (again, facing the stage) of the infamous central pillar (may they never fall down!) with a good view of Ray and Martin but none of the rest of the band. 

At the end of the evening I bought a copy of Nouveau Calls from the merch stand, got it signed (thanks Martin!) and made my way home in a state of elevation... Why can't every Friday evening be like that?


Darren Wisdom



I was at the gig with a mate . . . it was seriously good, wasn't it? "FUBB", "Persephone" and "Lady Jay" all sounded fantastic . . . it made me think thatThere's the Rub was just one track short of being up alongside Argus really ("Hometown" is the only weak track on it). 

I am delighted to read about the Argus tour next year. It will be very interesting to hear the updated interpretations of the songs. If I had any doubts before the gig about the two new guitarists being able to create the excitement of Powell/Ted Turner, they were dispelled by the second song of the evening . . . the version of "The King Will Come" was absolutely stunning. 

The thing that struck me most was that the band were so obviously having a great time playing together and that augurs well for the future. I am looking forward to the London gig in March already and I hope to get to know a few of you in due course.


Stockwell Pete 


Nuneaton, Queens Hall 17 Nov 2007


What a fantastic show last night! The band were on great form and obviously having fun. Martin managing to demonstrate that 60 is the new 30. The sound too was much better than the last time I saw them at this venue. 

The new songs especially were impressive - "Why Don't We" sung in a different style to what we're used to, "Lady Jay" excellent and also "Lost Cause". Of the older songs, "Diamond Jack" stood out - it was very tight.


Alan Bloor



When the band did their first gig at Nuneaton couple of years ago I was heard to say it was the best gig I had ever been to. I'd like to change that now please because last night was just shere excellence. A few things to note - I have never lost my voice at a gig from cheering and singing until last night, "Lost Cause" is now up there with my favourites thanks to last night, the sound was great, the set list was near perfect, the band looked, played and sang ever better than ever. A big thank you to Mart and the lads - I might just have to get to a few more before the end of the tour.


Mike R



Hadn't seen the band for about a year, so i was really excited about last night, especially with the introduction of a few new songs. Best MTWA gig I've seen yet. The vocals were brilliant all round, Ray and Keith were the tightest and most together they've ever been, and Rob - well Rob's just awesome. Everyone seemed to relax into it, and Martin's stage presence was really good - he even did a few little dance moves.

"Rest In Peace", "Lady Jay" and "Why Don't We" were excellent, as well as the old faves - "Blind Eye", "Diamond Jack" and "FUBB" were fantastic. the sound quality was also excellent. 

was nice talking to a few people as well, met some new faces. The usual couple of nutters at the front. All in all, a really excellent night.




Plymouth, The Hub 23 Nov 2007


I've just seen MT's WA for the first time ever...and it was amazing! They played for about 100 minutes with 2 encores ("Warrior" and "Jailbait"). They even played "Lady Jay"! (particularly meaningful so close to the place itself). It was great and the guys were on top form!


Sarah Warren

Leeds, Rios 29 Nov 2007 

Hi Everyone. I have been a Wishbone Ash fan for many years - 33 to be precise. Still in my forties though! Was at the Leeds gig last night and just as at Bradford eight months earlier I thought the band were superb. There were three of us at the Bradford gig but last night in Leeds there were six of us so interest is growing! 

Really enjoyed "F.U.B.B." , "Lifeline" , "The King will Come" and "Warrior". Superb and I really can't believe that after all these years, I'm hearing Wishbone Ash music again just as it should be played.



Darlington, Arts Centre 30 Nov 2007


A sell out? Maybe 2 tickets left? Hard to say; the place was a full as the dodgy sight lines down one side could have possibly allowed; some people were viewing the second set from outside the doorway into the hall! The first set started maybe just a little restrained: with unforgiving flat lighting on the band and the hall full of tables set out as if for a the local leek show prize giving, rather than a rock show, this was unsurprising. Whatever; the set built remorselessly via a robust "The King Will Come", a bouyant and joyous "Rest In Peace" climaxing in an incredible "Lifeline" which was both muscular and emotionally charged. All bets were off with an electrifying second set; opening with a slyly twisting "Lost Cause in Paradise" beautifully twisting 90 degrees into a brisk "Lady Jay" and through a host of cracking performances, probably topped with a simply stunning, crystaline tough "FUBB". "Living Proof" saw some of the adventurous/dippy minded souls in the audience heading for the front of stage and a bouncing "Blowin' Free" followed. The strictly enforced 11.00pm curfew meant that the encore was but one song - but if you've got one song a belting "Jailbait" is going to send everyone home happy - and it did.

It was a wonderful night. One more gig for Martin and company - they gave their all and the audience responded; magic.


Keith Stoddart




My immediate thoughts were just how faithful to the signature 70's Wishbone sound MTWA were. It was like being transported back to my youth! 

"Why Don't We" was a solid opening and was followed by "The King Will Come" with Keith giving a very 70's feel to the solo. It was like being back at the City Hall all those years ago! A rip-snorting "Outward Bound!" - definitely one of the highlights of the night; a great version of "Rest In Peace". Keith played the voicebox parts on his Wah-Wah (I think) very well and it went down really well with the crowd. They finished the first half with the highlight of the whole night for me. "Lifeline" was immense! I don't actually know if I've ever heard it played live, but if I have it won't have been better than this. 

Went for drinks in the other bar (in the Foyer area....much bigger bar, less crowded) and got chatting to a bloke and his son. We chatted for about 5 mins or so missing the very start of the 2nd half, so they were already into "Lost Cause" by time I ensconced myself against the bar at the back of the room. Really nice to hear this song as I reckon that it is one of the more 'overlooked' tunes from the catalogue. They moved into "Lady Jay". Very nice. When they started the next song I was heard (by anyone with really, really good hearing!) to exclaim...."Oh my God....Diamond Jack!" Always liked this song and the band did a great job of it. They were in their stride now and "FUBB" was magnificent (pipped only by "Lifeline" as the song of the night). A good "You See Red" and "Living Proof" followed before they finished the 2nd half with the ubiquitous "Blowin' Free". They got a great ovation from the crowd and returned with the great, rockin, sing-along that is "Jailbait".

I really enjoyed it. Spoke to both Ray and Keith after the show. What a nice pair of lads they are....and we spoke at great length about various things. It was my pleasure to meet you lads! The final piece of the jigsaw was to say hello to Martin himself. After saying that I had really enjoyed the gig, I mentioned who I was......"Woah!....Fat Drummer!" he shouted "Come 'ere ya Fat Bas***d!" before giving me a big hug! Cheers Martin....a classy gesture. All in all, a very enjoyable night.


Fat Drummer



I knew I was going to enjoy this one because its a special place for me, firstly because I come from the North East and also the Arts Centre is a regular haunt of the Blue Bishops, Mike the promoter is a good friend, he always takes care of us. 

It was good to see the place packed out, as others have said, people were even standing outside of the doorway, my only complaint was that it was so hot in there. I escaped outside for a while to get some fresh air. The audience seemed to really enjoy themselves and appreciated the talent of MTWA, this was definitely one of the better gigs I have attended.


Laureen Large 


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