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Tour Reviews  - Classic Legends of Rock - Oct-Nov 2008 (Part 2)

Worthing, Assembly Hall 17 Oct 2008


Yet another fine performance from the band in a much larger venue than I had seen them perform in before, to a very enthusiastic audience of probably 500 - 600. The set seems to be the standard 'best of' which has featured during the tour so far and the highlight for me was "Phoenix" in which Danny and Ray really excelled. Danny is a tremendous player and Ray now seems to playing with great confidence and the two really look to be having fun on stage when they now play. Rob's drumming underpins the whole sound and Martins bass and vocals were top notch. This is a venue where some top acts have sounded average to my ears over the years due to acoustics, but last night was as good as I have seen there in many a year. If you have the chance catch the tour before it ends. Here's looking forward to 2009.

Chris H


King's Lynn, Corn Exchange 19 Oct 2008


Kings Lynn last night - jolly good gig, what!! About 400-450 people, of which 300 older and longer hair than me...that's North Norfolk for you, that's where the hippies went!! 

Crowd loved the mini-Argus; we both thought the P's had it ("Phoenix" and "Proof"). Sit-down venue, but some stood up at end. New(ish) guitarist helping out on vocal harmonies as well as drummer. All in all very enjoyable and the band were larking about and enjoying it, whilst staying on track

Ray's CD played on the A10 back this afternoon - first impressions, very good indeed. Cheers to Gary too; very busy on the stand at both intervals. Impressed that you recalled the last gig i'd talked to you at - Chislehurst. 

Mick S


Hull, City Hall 25 Oct 2008


It has been a while since I last went to a gig at the Hull City Hall. It really is an excellent venue. 

Howard traveled over from Birkenhead and we met at my local pub where I chucked a duvet and toothbrush into his car and off we set. First port of call was to my Son's house in Brough where we were going to doss after the gig. 

We met up with MTWA very briefly in a watering hole not far from the venue. 

What can I say about the quality and class that MTWA are displaying on this tour that hasn't been said already!?! Yes it's a short set but it's crammed full of wonderful moments. The vocal harmonies are so good.The interplay between the band is second to none. Thanks Guys for such commitment to the cause. 

Focus were class as well. I missed the Groundhogs set but I'm not sorry for that considering the rather poor reports of the set. 

Mike did a fantastic job on the mixing desk. 

I finally got a copy of ATTLG and Ray's CD. Both are real quality and were played almost constantly in Howard's car as we went sightseeing around Hull on Sunday.We walked over the Humber Bridge both ways and H took quite a few photos. I hope he shows the best of them on the site. We also took a walk right out to the tip of Spurn Point and had a really great time. Spurn Point is a very dramatic place and is a wildlife sanctuary. Howard took more pictures there. Hope he shares them with everyone also. 

Billy Auld


Ipswich, Regent 27 Oct 2008


Fantastic gig in Ipswich last night. MUCH better than Norwich. In Ipswich the audience seemed more appreciative. This show definitely works better in a theatre than a club. I have never heard MTWA play better. Only down point of the gig was seeing a guy and his friends man-handled out of the venue at the end of MTWA's set for dancing down the front. Very sad.

Dave Hodges

Nottingham, Royal Centre 28 Oct 2008


I've just got back from a fantastic night out, hearing Wishbone Ash music played in a large venue for the first time since 1979. And it was BRILLIANT. Highlights were the acapello bit in "Warrior", the twin lead solo in "THrow Down the Sword", and Danny's tremendous playing of "Phoenix" (performed with real feeling). However, I have to say he was overshadowed in that song by Ray. Who needs a reggae section when you've got Mr Hatfield playing the teaspoons? (only joking Danny - you reminded me of another Mr Turner tonight). There was also a great rapport between the two guitarists, who were clearly having great fun, and the quality of the sound was such that I could hear every note. Oh, and Martin appears to have exchanged the feather in his hair for a french plait.

Alan Bloor


The set was excellently played, very tight, this was certainly one of the best times i've seen the band. Again, "Phoenix" was my fave track of the evening with Danny shining with the ES335 which i'm so jealous of! So ends yet another excellent night out at a MTWA gig and the evening was rounded off by hearing that Forest had actually won a game! and i'm off work tomorrow, it don't get much better than this!

Tony Clark

Tunbridge Wells, Assembly Theatre 29 Oct 2008


Cracking show, about 750 there. I'd say there were at least 50 hanging around the merch stand when I was having a half time beer. Spoke to Gary after the crowd subsided, though still a lengthy queue to speak to Mart. Gary said that MTWA had been by far busiest in merch terms, long signings most nights. Also heard that both bands are enjoying the tour and enjoying the twin headlining, the joke is it's like a twin guitar. Martin said to me at an earlier show that he liked going on 2nd and that Focus had actually asked if they could go 2nd, but MTWA bagged it as part of the deal. All in all, this is the type of venue where a band of Wishbone's stature should be performing. Special thanks to Martin, his good nature and patience is a lesson to us all.

Gavin Cook


London, Shepherd's Bush Empire 2 Nov 2008


A very good performance from the chaps last night. It was the first time that I had seen Danny play and I was very impressed with him. They all looked like they were enjoying themselves very much and "Phoenix" sounded absolutely marvellous. 
Stockwell Pete


A return to the London big stage for Martin, Together with his band he was on tip top form. They came on to "King", excellent lights picking each member out of the darkness as they came in to the song. Vocals throughout were faultless, with four way harmonies in places and the acapello bit at the end of "Warrior" is glorious. Good humour throughout, too, with Mart crystal clear over the PA during his audience chats. So often you cant here what the guys on stage are saying between songs. Mart announced that they are due to return to Shepherds Bush Empire in March. Great cheers at that one. 

The top tier wasn't open, other than that the venue was packed. Where I was, on the 2nd tier, people were standing 2/3 deep at the back of all the seating. I know because I had a seat for the Groundhogs but couldn't get one for the Ash. There were a number leaving after, much fewer stayed for Focus, so fair to say that MT had the majority crowd. In London, too, so well done to them. I saw many old Wishbone T Shirts and many new ones too, so it's good to see many sides of the Wishbone Ash community together. 

For any Wishbone Ash fan, last night was special. "Phoenix" has never sounded better to me. They looked at home on the big stage.

Gavin Cook




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