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A R T I C L E S  

a n d   I N T E R V I E W S


Raw, September 1989 by Dave Ling

20 Years ago, when guitarists Ted Turner and Andy Powell, bassist Martin Turner and drummer Steve Upton assembled some home-made instruments and borrowed £200 to form Wishbone Ash, few could have predicted such long-term success.


In ’87, after eight years apart, the original Ash re-grouped, signed to IRS and released the Nouveau Calls LP.  Now they’ve just released Here To Hear, an LP that sees them hitting a more contemporary track.


“I’m affected by what I hear like anyone else, and if our album has copped anything from The Police it’s because Stewart (Copeland, Police drummer) used to come home from school in his short trousers when we rehearsed in his elder brother Miles’ (former Ash manager, now big boss at IRS) basement and he’d play along with us,” says the 39-year old Powell.

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