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Nouveau Calls album review - Metal Hammer, December 1987 by Kirk Blows

So the phoenix rises again, eh? Just when you thought the Ash had gone and thrown down the sword for good they reappear with the original line-up and a spanking brand new album!


For those of you still in yer nappies, Ash were the band who invented the twin lead guitar sound that was develped and further metalized by the likes of Thin Lizzy and several others many years later, but gradually lost momentum during the troublesome and turbulent seventies. “Nouveau Calls” then, sees original guitarist Ted Turner and bassist Martin Turner (no relation) teaming up with mainstays Andy Powell (guitars) and drummer Steve Upton for a venture into pastures new...or should that be old? As this folks, is an instrumental album and very much in the vein of what these chappies were doing fifteen years ago. A surprising move, and one not exactly likely to win any fresh admirers, but that’s not a reflection on the quality of the music contained herein though. Indeed, much of the material here is a more than welcome return to the “Pilgrimage” days.


My only regret is the lack of Martin Turner’s voice, one that I’ve missed greatly since 1980. Nevertheless, it’s still great to have you back boys.

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