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Nouveau Calls album review - Q, December 1987 by Robert Sandall

Andy Powell and Ted Turner’s duelling guitars made this a band to be reckoned with 15 years ago - and gave Miles Copeland his first managerial break into the bargain. All the original personnel have re-assembled for this purely instrumental outing - part of Copeland’s “No Speak” series - with mixed but encouraging results.


Some of the tracks are cramped by Martin Turner’s heavily emphatic bass riffs, some lean too hard on madishly ambient synthesizers, and most suffer from the old Wishbone Ash vice of over-arrangement. But the welcome return of Ted Turner with his sensitive slide and acoustic playing has put a real sparkle back into the old formula. To modern ears it may just sound like an ornate version of the Shadows, but if you ever liked Wishbone Ash you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

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