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There's The Rub album review - Melody Maker, 23 November 1974

Good middle of the road rock from the long running ‘Bone, with few surprises, but plenty of hard-blowing.


Laurie Wisefield is outstanding on electric and acoustic guitars, working well with original member Andy Powell. Recorded in the States, the band achieve an earthy, driving sound, which should delight their legion of fans.


Backing up the guitarists are Martin Turner on bass guitar, who also offers the lead vocals, and Steve Upton on drums.


The tunes include ‘Silver Shoes’, “Don’t Come Back’, ‘Persephone’. ‘Hometown’, ‘Lady Jay’ and ‘F.U.B.B.’.  The cover depicts a cricketer rubbing a cricket ball on his trousers, always a curious practice, but designed apparently to increase spin, hence the album title.


The tracks are not exactly brimming over with new concepts in the art of drumming or playing the guitar, but it’s worthy, salt-of-the-business stuff that keeps the wheels of the industry turning.



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